Lost Fantasy Hero PDF/EPUB Ä Lost Fantasy PDF/EPUB

Lost Fantasy Hero PDF/EPUB Ä Lost Fantasy  PDF/EPUB As destiny calls upon James, a rough and tough biker, he has to save a magical kingdom where he encounters a cast of legendary demons, guards, and princesses Another fantastic story by Iceman Blue which is as erotic as it is funnyIceman Blue was born in Israel and raised in the USA He studied computer animation in college, but found himselfinterested in creating traditional illustrations by hand instead After graduation, he found employment in the mainstream comic book industry as an Inker Somewhere along the way, he created his internet alter ego of Iceman Blue so he could showcase illustrations of his favorite characters inprovocative poses It wasn t long before custom commissions started coming in and what started out as a fun would take on a life of its own and become a full time job

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