10 thoughts on “The Indoor Pirates

  1. Ivan Polyvoda Ivan Polyvoda says:


  2. Aurélien Thomas Aurélien Thomas says:

    The indoor pirates are a small bunch of childish and stupid pirates who, because they cannot stand water and the sea, live on land in an inherited house All isor less well until, they receive their electricity bill Clueless, they decide that finding a treasure will help paying for it It s a bit s

  3. Karisar Karisar says:

    A fun, silly book where the pirates are afraid of open water hence their house is their pirate ship and their solution to bills is to look for buried treasure Loved it as a kid and throughly recommend this book.

  4. Writerbizwoman Writerbizwoman says:

    It s is unusual to read about adult characters in a children s book They pirates may be grown up but they are silly and act like children.

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