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[PDF / Epub] ☆ The Virgin Suicides Author Jeffrey Eugenides – Plummovies.info The Shocking Thing About The Girls Was How Nearly Normal They Seemed When Their Mother Let Them Out For The One And Only Date Of Their Lives Twenty Years On, Their Enigmatic Personalities Are Embalmed In The Memories Of The Boys Who Worshipped Them And Who Now Recall Their Shared Adolescence The Brassiere Draped Over A Crucifix Belonging To The Promiscuous Lux The Sisters Breathtaking Appearance On The Night Of The Dance And The Sultry, Sleepy Street Across Which They Watched A Family Disintegrate And Fragile Lives Disappear

10 thoughts on “The Virgin Suicides

  1. Matt Matt says:

    suicide isn t the happiest of topics the suicides of five sisters is even less pleasant how do you recommend a book to someone on such a grim topic easy just read it what eugenides does so well is capture the mystery of secluded sisters, as seen through the eyes of neighborhood boys this is important in reading the novel it s not necessarily the lisbon sisters story, but rather the boy

  2. Linda Linda says:

    I simply didn t get this book I was so desperate to find hidden meaning in it, but there was nothing Why waste so much paper and ink on something so overtly pretentious and so utterly meaningless A group of oppressed sisters kill themselves after flirting with the neighborhood boys How horrible that it happened in the middle of suburban America, where white picket fences are supposed to

  3. Jen Jen says:

    This book is like a preface, where the real book never feels like it begins Endless foreshadowing mixed in with various teenage boy obsessions about what a home with five daughters must entailboxes and boxes of tampons, etc I couldn t wait for these girls to kill themselves just so the book would be over.

  4. Matthew Matthew says:

    I had to take some time after reading this and do some deep thinking before I could review It is such an unusual story good, but dark and full of nooks and crannies for skeletons and other vermin to hide It is hard to say I enjoyed a story like this that would be like saying I enjoyed a car wreck intriguing, but lots of people and property were damaged in the process.One main thing I can

  5. Julie Julie says:

    Once, when I was 13, my father came home early from work and asked to see my yearbook It was the last day of junior high, and I remember that I leaned against the kitchen counter, cracking my knuckles, and watched as he slowly turned the glossy pages, reading all of the comments that had been written by my friends He was silent the entire time he was reading, but when he finished, he hande

  6. Blair Blair says:

    Honestly, I really wanted to fall in love with this I ve long been aware of its status as a cult classic and many people I know, as well as people I don t know but whose taste seems to correspond closely with mine, have professed to adore it So I feel a bit uncomfortable about revealing that I disliked it I ll admit, I have been guilty of judging people a bit if I see they ve slated a book

  7. Debbie Petersen Wolven Debbie Petersen Wolven says:

    Where to begin I have read some of the reviews of others who did not care for or get this book I admit that the plot storyline, though unique, is not what makes this story great it s the prose The writing is luminous and readslike poetry than a novel We don t even know exactly who the narrators are it is narrated in first person plural and the name and even number of narrators is left vague

  8. Fabian Fabian says:

    Wow, you knew that this guy was the real deal after all.I see this as a perfect segue to his masterpiece Middlesex It s simple, it s sad, it is capital I Intriguing The first novel always announces the author s intentions for those that come next, and Eugenides loves the themes of adolescence in all its tragic shortcomings The Lisbon girls are monoliths to the nameless suitors who do nothing

  9. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here For me, what makes this novel different from those that I ve read so far is the narrator s voice first person plural and the brilliant way Jeffrey Eugenides born 1960 made use of it Since the story is about 5 teenage sisters and the narrators were interested on them, readers presumed that they were narrating from t

  10. Ariel Ariel says:

    I don t even really know what to say I think maybe a few people are going to be disappointed that I didn t give this five stars, and I mean, I m upset that it wasn t five stars either, but hear me out.The thing I liked the most about this book is the perspective We re learning about 5 girls who commit suicide. and we NEVER hear anything substantial from any of the sisters It was genius The way

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