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!!> Epub ➥ On What Matters (2 Volume Set) ➤ Author Derek Parfit – Plummovies.info On What Matters Is A Major Work In Moral Philosophy It Is The Long Awaited Follow Up To Derek Parfit S Book Reasons And Persons, One Of The Landmarks Of Twentieth Century Philosophy Parfit Now Presents A Powerful New Treatment Of Reasons, Rationality, And Normativity, And A Critical Examination Of Three Systematic Moral Theories Kant S Ethics, Contractualism, And Consequentialism Leading To His Own Ground Breaking Synthetic Conclusion Along The Way He Discusses A Wide Range Of Moral Issues, Such As The Significance Of Consent, Treating People As A Means Rather Than An End, And Free Will And Responsibility On What Matters Is Already The Most Discussed Work In Moral Philosophy Its Publication Is Likely To Establish It As A Modern Classic Which Everyone Working On Moral Philosophy Will Have To Read, And Which Many Others Will Turn To For Stimulation And Illumination

10 thoughts on “On What Matters (2 Volume Set)

  1. Jeff Jeff says:

    Who am i kidding I didn t read this whole thing but i m still giving myself credit in Goodreads terms for another book read in 2017 I hope to be be able to follow the entirety of this work s ideas, but the references and bibliography convince me the minimum requirements for a 50 50

  2. Ryan Soucy Ryan Soucy says:

    Since my review is so extensive I have posted here my introduction and conclusion, for the rest of the review, please follow this link Why On What Matters MattersIntroductionThis is a lengthy review for a lengthy book, and much of what is covered in it will not be discussed here This is not

  3. Andrei Khrapavitski Andrei Khrapavitski says:

    Derek Parfit is without doubt one of those thinkers who returned my interest in philosophy His seminal work Reasons and Persons is one of my favorite books of all time If you haven t read Parfit, read that book It s unbelievable On What Matters is a much longer read Some of it may be uninteresting to

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    Seen on The Good Place Season 4, Episode 11 not this specific title, but the author s name on the blackboard behind Chidi.

  5. Felix Hayman Felix Hayman says:

    Parfit now presents a powerful new treatment of reasons, rationality, and normativity, and a critical examination of three systematic moral theories Kant s ethics, contractualism, and consequentialism leading to his own ground breaking synthetic conclusion Along the way he discusses a wide range of moral issues, such

  6. Karl Georg Karl Georg says:

    Used it as introduction to ethics and moral philosophy Very effective for that purpose.

  7. Carl Carl says:

    Discontinued reading For now.

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