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Reading ➸ Your Competent Child  Author Jesper Juul – A Compelling And Revolutionary Approach To Parenting And Family Dynamics In This Important Book, Jesper Juul Argues That Today S Families Are At An Exciting Crossroads The Destructive Values That Governed Traditional Hierarchical, Authoritarian Families Are Being Transformed Instead We Can Choose To Embrace A New Set Of Values Based On The Assumption That Families Must Be Built Not On Authoritarian Force Or Democratic Tyranny But On Dignity And Reciprocity Between Parent And Child Children Are Emotionally Competent That Is, They Always Tell The Truth About How They Are Feeling Parents Must Begin To Listen To And Learn From The Honest Feedback They Receive From Their Children When We Feel Unhappy Or Dissatisfied With A Situation In The Family, It Is Almost Always Because We Were Unable To Convert Our Loving Feelings Into Loving Behavior To Do So, We Need To Become Fluent In What Juul Calls Personal Language A Language Less Concerned With Shoulds Than With Our Own Emotional Honesty Using Examples From Families In Many Different Countries, Juul Has Written A Book That Challenges Parents To See The Years With Their Children As An Exciting Time Of Growth And Development For The Whole Family.

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  1. Pontus Liljeblad Pontus Liljeblad says:

    Having recently two years ago become a first time parent and being an academic and theoretician by birth and unimpeded habit I read up on how to parent by reading mostly everything without much prejudice.I would like to recommend parents to avoid this I would also like to recommend parents to avoid recommendations Read if you must,

  2. Bistra Ivanova Bistra Ivanova says:

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  3. Jean Jean says:

    This book is sometimes simplistic or maybe justforeignas you struggle a bit to get what the Danish author is saying But somewhere along the line it grabbed me and drew me into its premise seeing the damage wrought by parental control over children, at the expense of good relationship I found myself really interested in understanding and trying to put

  4. Petya Kokudeva Petya Kokudeva says:

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  5. DanniElla DanniElla says:

    What I love about this book is that is not written as a practical guide, like the most family parenting books It doesn t tell us how to raise our children, but how to see them, get to know them and understand them It gives us the choice to embrace the great new ...

  6. Nicklas Nicklas says:

    I wish this was compulsory reading for any person that are involved with children, but it is really a good read for anyone in an authoritative position Communicating well and learning to understand and respect other people can only help you become a better person.

  7. John J. Camilleri John J. Camilleri says:

    I m a bit sceptical of psychology in general and as such this book did nothing to change that Defining the different kinds of integrity and responsibility as if our personalities can be so easily dissected does not really convince me There are numerous example dialogues where we are told that changing a few words will make all the difference between good parent...

  8. Steve Steve says:

    Ich glaube jeder der Kinder hat oder haben will, sollte dieses Buch lesen Es ist kein Erziehungsratgeber der Sagt, du muss das so und jenes so machen, sondern Jesper Juul zeigt anschaulich wie unsere Kinder wirklich ticken und warum die althergebrachten Erziehungsmethoden zwar so aussehen als w rden sie Funktionieren, aber man im Grund nur einen kurzfristigen Erfolg bringen der langfristig ins

  9. Roman Westberg Roman Westberg says:

    A must for every child and parent This book explains how we screw up with good intentions Then the book gives clear advice on how to be a better person to yourself, to your children, to partners and parents The feelings do not hurt, the words and actions do.

  10. Jelena Jelena says:

    If you are a parent, or going to be, or a brother sister, or a teacher, you should read this.

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