10 thoughts on “Dominoes

  1. Dina Abdulfattah Dina Abdulfattah says:

    Its all about the environmental changes and how humans keep ruining their own place day after day by killing animals and cutting treesis it possible to make our planet greener A lot of people will need to work hard to make it happe...

  2. Vishy Vishy says:

    It is about the environment and environmentalism and going green and the important personalities and organizations involved in this Very informative book for younger readers I had questions after reading the book, but I think that is a good thing.

  3. Clara Clara says:

    this book is so good

  4. Agnes Budianto Agnes Budianto says:

    A book which tells us about Earth s nature and how the humans are destroying mother nature We also learn how to prevent the Earth from being severely damaged.

  5. Laura Angarita Laura Angarita says:

    Nos da una nueva perspectiva de la situaci n actual del mundo y conocemos a las personas y organizaciones que han contribuido a mejorar esta situaci n.

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