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[Epub] ↠ Skagboys  Author Irvine Welsh – Plummovies.info Mark Renton Has It All He S Good Looking, Young, With A Pretty Girlfriend And A Place At University But There S No Room For Him In The S Thatcher S Government Is Destroying Working Class Communities Across Britain, And The Post War Certainties Of Full Employment, Educational Opportunity And A Welfare State Are Gone When His Family Starts To Fracture, Mark S Life Swings Out Of Control And He Succumbs To The Defeatism Which Has Taken Hold In Edinburgh S Grimmer Areas The Way Out Is HeroinIt S No Better For His Friends Spud Murphy Is Paid Off From His Job, Tommy Lawrence Feels Himself Being Sucked Into A Life Of Petty Crime And Violence The Worlds Of The Thieving Matty Connell And Psychotic Franco Begbie Only Sick Boy, The Supreme Manipulator Of The Opposite Sex, Seems To Ride The Current, Scamming And Hustling His Way Through It All Skagboys Charts Their Journey From Likely Lads To Young Men Addicted To The Heroin Which Has Flooded Their Disintegrating Community This Is The S A Time Of Drugs, Poverty, AIDS, Violence, Political Strife And Hatred But A Lot Of Laughs, And Maybe Just A Little Love A Decade Which Changed Britain For Ever The Prequel To The World Renowned Trainspotting, This Is An Exhilarating And Moving Book, Full Of The Scabrous Humour, Salty Vernacular And Appalling Behaviour That Has Made Irvine Welsh A Household Name

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  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    I should prefix this short review with a disclaimer that I m a huge Welsh fan boy and am probably incapable of writing anything totally subjective about this book.Since Trainspotting, I have read everything he has ever done and have bought the books the minute they have come out I suppose he s the literary equivalent to my favoutite band and like with my favourite band even when the high standards slip If you liked school, you ll love work I always believe it s only a temporary glitch and gre

  2. Nigeyb Nigeyb says:

    Since reading Trainspotting around the time it came out I have read and, to one degree or another, enjoyed every one of Irvine Welsh s books Before writing this review I had a look round at some of the other reviews and notice that this book does seem to polarise opinion, generally though most of the readers who have enjoyed previous Irvine Welsh books have enjoyed this one though certainly not all One reviewer likened Skagboys to the extras that turn on up on some DVDs, specifically tha Since readi

  3. Filip Filip says:

    Ah dinnae really expect ah m gaunny git intae a 500 page book that wis written in this dialect, likesay ken Ah m nae Scottish gadge masel.But it really did wonders to the book, the language, and the culture that Irvine Welsh depicted in this prequel TL DR if you liked Trainspotting, you ll definitely like Skagboys too.Note that this was my first venture into the world of Trainspotting, the crown jewel of this story I deliberately decided to follow Renton co from the ...

  4. F F says:

    PERFECT I WANT MORESo happy to be reunited with these characters Love these guysthan words can describe.

  5. Loren Niva Loren Niva says:

    As a long time Welsh fan, I suppose I could be considered a little biased but really, in all honesty, this is one of the cult Scottish author s finest efforts to date.Skagboys revisits the sunny port of Leith and adjoining Edinburgh, and the eclectic cast of characters that made up Welsh s debut effort the drugged out classic Trainspotting All your skeevy old pals are here ever acerbic Mark Renton, sweet natured Spud, scheming Sickboy and, naturally, the delightfully psychotic pugilist, As a long time Welsh fan, I suppo

  6. Ubik 2.0 Ubik 2.0 says:

    Nel giro di un paio di generazioni non gliene fregher un cazzo a nessuno Saremo solo dei poveri segaioli vestiti strani in foto sbiadite che un discendente patetico, con del tempo da perdere, ogni tanto tira fuori dall armadio per dargli un occhiata Non me lo vedo qualche stronzo famoso che gli viene in mente di fare un film sulle nostre vite, vero Con Google Map cercavo i luoghi edinburghesi incontrati in questo romanzo e sono finito su West Pilton Rise la stradina in cui Frank Begbie Nel giro di un paio di generazioni non gl

  7. McKinley McKinley says:

    This is one of the best fucking books I ve ever read 20 years ago I said the same thing about Trainspotting I ve come full circle following the Irvine train since then, and I ll always be a Welshian I may write a full review once I ve regained the ability to form sentences Or rather the sense that I ve any right or need to form them after this man puts the final dot on the page There is much to be said about this book, but I don t know that I am the one to say any of it, or if I even want t This is one of the best fuckin...

  8. Sam Sam says:

    For the purposes of this review I decided to read Skagboys, Trainspotting and Porno one after another to get a true feel for the quality of each I d read prior to embarking on this epic trek through the trilogy that Skagboys is simply too long winded and meandering compared to the pithy set pieces of Trainspotting However, as a massive fan of Irvine Welsh I found Skagboys to be utterly enthralling and potentially even better than Trainspotting This is a complicated judgement though because For the purposes of this review I decided to read S

  9. Daren Daren says:

    Even though I am a big fan Welsh s work, this book worked a lot better than I had expected.It is, of course the prequel to Trainspotting, and fills in the backgrounds of our favourite characters during the 1980s, including their introduction to heroin.Like Trainspotting, and many of Welsh s other books it is written in part in Scottish dialect.It amazes me, with the writing, how talented Welsh is to be able to have a different written form for each character For each chapter before the narrator Even though I am a big fan Welsh s work, this book wo

  10. Pat Fitzpatrick Pat Fitzpatrick says:

    The best book I ve read in a while Don t ask me if it was as good as Trainspotting because that was ages ago Skagboys sounds right The dialogue written in phonetic Edinburghese was tricky at the start but I soon got into it and was calling my wife a c t in no time Seriously, be careful of that Your head will be taken over by an angry foul mouthed Scot As if there is any other kind Skagboys sounds right because it is written in the first person from a number of perspectives So you ge The best book I ve read in a while Don t ask me if it was as good as Tra

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