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[PDF / Epub] ☁ Seven Houses in France By Bernardo Atxaga – Plummovies.info , And Captain Lalande Biran, Overseeing A Garrison On The Banks Of The Congo, Has An Ambition To Amass A Fortune And Return To The Literary Caf S Of Paris His Glamorous Wife Christine Has A Further Ambition To Own Seven Houses In France, A House For Every Year He Has Been AbroadAt The Captain S Side Are An Ex Legionnaire Womaniser, And A Servile, Treacherous Man Who Dreams Of Running A Brothel At Their Hands The Jungle Is Transformed Into A Wild Circus Of Human Ambition And Absurdity But Everything Changes With The Arrival Of A New Officer And Brilliant Marksman The Enigmatic Chrysostome Li Ge

10 thoughts on “Seven Houses in France

  1. Parrish Lantern Parrish Lantern says:

    The book opens with a rather dour new officer arriving by boat on his first posting abroad The officer, Chrysostome, doesn t attempt to fit in with his fellow officers and they, in turn, des

  2. Tuck Tuck says:

    a fast read and much less opaque than previous atxaga novels, chronicles an intimate look at one belgium post on the congo in 1904ish so a bit claustrophobic story of the soldiers, colonial troops, s

  3. Mark Joyce Mark Joyce says:

    One dimensional characters and an unremittingly tawdry, bleak atmosphere Ploughs similar terrain to Joseph Conrad and JG Farrell but with nothing like the emotional force of the former or the subtly drawn soc

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    Bernardo Atxaga is an author from the Basque Country in Northern Spain, who writes in Euskera Basque and Spanish Seven Houses in France was written in his mother tongue and translated into Spanish under his supervisio

  5. Jane Jane says:

    This novel by the Basque writer, Bernardo Atxaga, is a change of pace the black humorous story of greed in the Congo, in the early 1900s, at the time of King L opold II of Belgium, the man who raped the Congo of its natural re

  6. Mythili Mythili says:

    When it comes to tales of corruption in the Belgian Congo, it s hard to compete with the canonical squalor of Joseph Conrad s Heart of Darkness But Seven Houses in France manages to infuse a colorful layer of vulgarity and humor into a

  7. Juan Carlos Casanova Juan Carlos Casanova says:

    This is the latest Bernardo Atxaga s novel.Atxaga is one of the most brilliant Spanish author who usually writes in Euskera, his mother tongue, but he personally monitors the translation process from Euskera to Spanish.He is an author who enjoy

  8. Kevin Kevin says:

    Just finished reading this, and not for the first time with a foreign language book, I don t think the writing style has travelled well It s as though the literal meaning has been translated, but the soul of the novel, the authors voice, has been well a

  9. Chad Post Chad Post says:

    This is a strange book It s enjoyable enough, although the whole thing feels like a set up for something, but that payoff scene never comesStill, Atxaga is a solid writer, and I want to check out his other books especially since they re set in the Basque Country

  10. Josephine Draper Josephine Draper says:

    A book which promised much but ultimately wasn t quite as good as I thought it was going to be It has the makings of a very clever book, which reminded me a little of Things Fall Apart in its themes conflicts between white and black men in Africa, and how small events ca

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