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Paperback  Õ Eastern Tide PDF/EPUB µ The Archipelago is still plagued by dragons and its peoples live in terror of their coming Kheda, Risala, and Velindre chase rumors of a water dragon, as they alone have gathered secrets of how to repel these fearsome beasts Yet this has won them no friends as they are forced to travel incognito, their lives at risk The delicate political balance of the islands teeters as rival factions spar and warfare threatens Kheda is reluctantly drawn into the fray as his dragon fighting powers become a powerful political tool but he and his companions are tainted by the suspicion of forbidden magic This not only places them in great danger but also has wider implications for the power structure of the islands Kheda s contact with northern magic has caused him to doubt the very foundations of his people s ancient beliefs, placing his future as a warlord in doubt and the making the succession of his realm a dark and bloody question The Archipelago was first established in McKenna s previous series The Tales of Einarinn

10 thoughts on “Eastern Tide

  1. Geoff Battle Geoff Battle says:

    There s not much that s new in the final chapter of this series, however McKenna works hard to ensure readers will see it through Without any preamble the central characters are found engaging another dragon The early action sequence sets the scene for a dragon filled final chapter, in which power struggles come

  2. Lois Scott Lois Scott says:

    An unexpected but very satisfying conclusion to a tale of interwoven cultures.

  3. Steven Poore Steven Poore says:

    I ve mentioned in the reviews for the other three books in this series that Juliet E McKenna has constructed the narratives in a certain manner to reflect the disruption caused to Kheda s ordered life At the end of the third book that pattern looked set to be overturned completely as Kheda lost all faith in the omens and augur

  4. Michele Michele says:

    An excellent conclusion to this series, full of tension, suspension, action, and emotion And a happy ending, too.

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