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[ BOOKS ] ✯ Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress  Author Peter  Tyson – Plummovies.info This book does what it says and does it very very well For me Dwarf Fortress was impenetrable but I really wanted to see what it was all about In around 10 20 hours with this book and the game side by side I was ready to go and do most of the stuff myself It s well written and humorous to boot. I think the most relevant thing to discuss in a review about this book is why would you buy it rather than consulting the game s Wiki And the answer is organization While the book contains no new information, it is organized in a logical and coherent way that makes learning the game much easier That s especially true if you don t know what exactly are you supposed to learn That was my problem with the Wiki the concepts were there, but since I m new to game, I wasn t sure about why things were not happening the way I thought they would, and I was not sure how could I search the Wiki for help I think the book delivers very well what it promises, and by the end of it you will certainly know enough abou Dwarf Fortress May Be The Most Complex Video Game Ever Made, But All That Detail Makes For Fascinating Game Play, As Various Elements Collide In Interesting And Challenging Ways The Trick Is Getting Started In This Guide, Fortress Geek Peter Tyson Takes You Through The Basics Of This Menacing Realm, And Helps You Overcome The Formidable Learning Curve.The Book S Focus Is The Game S Simulation Mode, In Which You Re Tasked With Building A Dwarf City Once You Learn How To Establish And Maintain Your Very First Fortress, You Can Consult The Advanced Chapters On Resource Management And Training A Dwarf Military You Ll Soon Have Stories To Share From Your Interactions With The Dwarf Fortress Universe.Create Your Own World, Then Locate A Site For An Underground FortressEquip Your Party Of Dwarves And Have Them Build Workshops And RoomsProduce A Healthy Food Supply So Your Dwarves Won T Starve Or Go Insane Retain Control Over A Fortress And Dozens Of Dwarves, Their Children, And Their PetsExpand Your Fortress With Fortifications, Stairs, Bridges, And Subterranean HallsConstruct Fantastic Traps, Machines, And Weapons Of Mass Destruction A fantastic introduction to the world s most complex game reality simulation engine, Peter AKA TinyPirate does something never done before for Dwarf Fortress he sits down and explains how to set up a functioning fort, going from generating a world and choosing a site clear through to setting up your industries and military, exploring the caverns, and everything else needed to help ensure that you, too, can understand that Losing Is Fun Seriously, get this book After becoming competen Peter Tyson has authored the definitive Dwarf Fortress tutorials and has been an avid player and contributor to the community for years His instruction manual breaks Dwarf Fortress into easy to understand sections and explains each one with just the right mix of depth an Everything you need to know to get into dwarf fortress The book is eight years old but as far as I can tell is still relevant. Interesting guide to playing Dwarf Fortress, interspersed with nice little comics telling DF tales Could do with a little less how to guide and a little exploring the generated stories Boatmurdered et al get mentioned, Dwarf Fortress Seriously one of the most complex games ever coded This book is a bit outdated now as far as functionality but it does still have some good insight on the basics Prepare for all of the death umm vampires umm Fun you could ever want in a game I give it four beards. I don t think I will ever play dwarf fortress micromanaging is not my idea of fun But I enjoy roguelikes and I enjoyed reading this book. Dwarf Fortress belongs to a class of games that are unapologetically complex in terms of depth and game mechanics Among these games, it probably has the most steep learning curve of all, so steep it s nearly unimaginable that anyone could learn it without a teacher or a book It is, however, an incredible fun and rewarding experience, once you ve got a grisp of enough of the mechanics.If you enjoy games like Civilization or Nethack and don t cower from spending a weekend on learning a game that can keep you literal

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