Isms: Understanding Modern Art PDF ó Isms:

Isms: Understanding Modern Art PDF ó Isms: Publik cia izmy, ako rozumie modern mu a s asn mu umeniu nem e by vy erp vaj cim s hrnom, ale predstavuje ve mi dobr ho sprievodcu izmami napr fauvizmus, expresionizmus, rayonizmus, precizionizmus, fluxus, multikultiralizmus a ich hlavn mi predstavite miChronol gia nie je zav zuj ca, preto e za iatky a konce jednotliv ch izmov s st le otvoren interpret ci m Niekedy sa v rovnak as zrodila v ia k la r znych typov umenia, najm v es desiatych rokochstoro ia, a napr klad impresionizmus i in star ie izmy sa v umeleckej praxi uplat uj dodnes T to publik cia sa v ak zameriava na k ov obdobia, ke boli jednotliv izmy najprodukt vnej ie a najvplyvnej ie

10 thoughts on “Isms: Understanding Modern Art

  1. Isabelle Ouyang Isabelle Ouyang says:

    Informative and concise Would ve liked to see something a little less Eurocentric, but the book does what it sets out to do Phillips takes some liberties with categorizing grouping certain movements A good overview nonetheless.

  2. June Pecchia June Pecchia says:

    Loved this well written and well organized art history book so much that I bought a copy for myself.

  3. tomasawyer tomasawyer says:

    Clairement, ce livre ne se suffit pas lui m me Les descriptions de chaque courant sont trop br ves pour comprendre de quoi on parle alors faut s armer de patience et chercher sur le net, les dizaines d artistes cit s et au bout du compte, j en ressors avec une vingtaine de noms approfondir un jour prochain Degas, Monet,

  4. Fabricio Terán Fabricio Terán says:

    Un manual bastante til, sobretodo a quienes quieren enterarse del tema del arte moderno hasta nuestros d as Para los que ya conocen el tema puede servir para refrescar algunas ideas y conocer de estilos menos famosos o entendidos.

  5. Denise Junker Denise Junker says:

    This is a good introduction to the variations of modern art that are still strong today I have felt certain art pieces to be ridiculous but this helped me to see the varied emphasis of the different styles I sub textually saw the evolution and variation of human thinking and perspective.

  6. Wilde Sky Wilde Sky says:

    This book provides an overview of various types styles schools of art.Many of the pieces shown were very good I wad surprised how different groups there were for art.

  7. Valerie Verveda Valerie Verveda says:

    Best book so far about arts to understand its complexity and big picture With small details Very systematic an easy to absorb Full of reference info Extremely useful.

  8. Hualun Shi Hualun Shi says:

    A good summary about most of the representative modern art for people like me who have absolutely zero understanding beforehand That said, I really appreciate the way this book explains, with stories and famous artists It s not a fit if you know modern art quite well, but for me it s a useful handbook.

  9. Maarten Buser Maarten Buser says:

    Dit boek is goed in Nederlandse vertaling verkrijgbaar in de ramsj bovendien, dus voor ht geld hoef je m niet te laten liggen Phillips boek is fijn beknopt, maar biedt wel veel informatie over de meeste belangrijke kunststromingen vanaf de 19e eeuw tot nu Typisch zo n boek dat fijn is om er bij te hebben, om af en toe wat in op te zoeken

  10. Zuzka Zuzka says:

    Velmi kvalitn zpracovan v cuc d jinami modern ho a postmodern ho um n Jsou zde uvedeni z sadn auto i, ideje, kl ov pojmy asov osy jednotliv ch sm r na konci knihy jsou u ite nou pom ckou Knihu hodnot m velmi kladn , na m lo str nk ch hodn par dy

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