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Ebook ➧ Road of Skulls  Author Joshua   Reynolds – Plummovies.info Gotrek And Felix Unsung Heroes Of The Empire, Or Nothing Than Common Thieves And Murderers The Truth Perhaps Lies Somewhere In Between, And Depends Entirely Upon Whom You Ask Gotrek And Felix Race To The Dwarf Hold At Karak Kadrin, Finding It Besieged By One Of The Grand Armies Of Chaos Warlord Garmr When King Ungrim Ironfist Speaks Of The Legendary Road Of Skulls And Of The Hated Foe S Attempts To Open A Portal Into The Realm Of Chaos, Gotrek Senses That A Great Doom Awaits Him Though It May Not Be The One He Would Choose For Himself As The King S Own Son Leads His Army Of Slayers To Fulfil An Ancient Prophecy, It Seems That Garmr S Hour Of Victory May Be At Hand.

10 thoughts on “Road of Skulls

  1. Milo (BOK) Milo (BOK) says:

    The Review and Felix race to the dwarf hold at Karak Kadrin, finding it besieged by one of the grand armies of Chaos under the command of Warlord Garmr When King Ungrim Ironfist speaks of the legendary Road of Skulls and of the hated foe s attempts to open a portal into the Realm of Chaos, Got

  2. Gianfranco Mancini Gianfranco Mancini says:

    3,5Liked the story, the Chaos champions infights Canto was the best one, a real different Khorne worshipper , the hints about Gotrek s past background and the fights, real page turners.But the idea of the Khorne Chosen keeping ali...

  3. Abhinav Abhinav says:

    You can find the full review over at my blog reviews the latest Gotrek Felix novel Quite possibly one of the best Gotrek Felix novels to date, this also cements Josh Reynolds place as a solid writer for both the Gotrek Felix franchise and the Warhammer Fantasy setting Shadowhawk, The Founding FieldsI ve b

  4. Dave Kirlin Dave Kirlin says:

    I m really hoping this is the beginning book of the series that will see Gotrek meet his fate He and Felix are awesome characters, but I m starting to get tired of this whole he has a grand fate in front of him thing They need to resolve the character s fate.This book unto itself, was awesome Joshua does a real

  5. Robert Robert says:

    This is book 13 is the Gotrek and Felix series, which tells the story of a dwarf who is looking to find his doom and his chronicler sidekick.I ve only read book one in the series and then this one and I felt that I got a complete story that didn t require any further background knowledge.The story essentially takes p

  6. nick nick says:

    In itself it is a good book but it lacks the fun factor that I come to expect from a gotrek and Felix novel In hindsight it would seem as if this book and the Gotrek and Felix we get in it are preludes to the Gotrek and Felix we get in the final two books of the series Gotrek having lost his occasional sarcastic humor and

  7. Eri Eri says:

    P jemn ch 3,5 Tak n jak mi nedo lo jak moc se mi po t hle dvojce st skalo Ne ekejte nikdo dn z zrak, jen klasick n ez jako v p edchoz ch knih ch po d se n kdo hon za bestiemi, jen se to kos jakoby se klikalo Diablo I, vzpom n se na minulost P ED KNIHAMI tak mi n jak p ipad , e odkazovat se k d ji v knih ch samotn ch krom t upln

  8. Peter Noort Peter Noort says:

    I ve read most of the GotrekFelix novels by now, but this is one of the best Even as I grew bored of the standard formula in previous entries, this book immediately grabbed me and became a real page turner.What I liked was the menacing threat and the scenes from the perspective of the bad guys...

  9. Barry Barry says:

    Wow, this was fun I m currently in the process of reading re reading the Gotrek and Felix in order of events rather than the publishing order It s fun and interesting and a wee bit infuriating as I m trying to place all the short stories in some semblance of order but also the modern novels are not in the Slayer series line Of course, the w

  10. Daniel McGill Daniel McGill says:

    An oddball filler book taking place long before the current continuity of Felix and Gotrek s storyline It isn t readily apparent from the text but this story takes place after Trollslayer the original episodic compilation and before even the first full novel, Skavenslayer, which may partially account for some of the character inconsistencies Jump

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