10 thoughts on “黒檻姫と渇きの王 [Kuroorihime to Kawaki no Ou]

  1. Hisgirl85 Hisgirl85 says:

    3.5 stars One shot manga by the Yona of the Dawn mangaka I enjoyed it.

  2. Hadiqa Hadiqa says:

    I have recently started reading onshots and although I still find them unsatisfying, they are good I really liked the idea presented, the plot was good, it had a good beginning, a proper middle, climax and then an ending The only thing I was angry at in the end was that SPOILER ALERT the prince became blinded by the poison It tore my

  3. Lizzyb. Lizzyb. says:

    voglio il seguito

  4. gabi gabi says:

    I love this so much Why is it so short

  5. Someone with a ridiculous username.. Someone with a ridiculous username.. says:

    It s an alright royalty manga but neededto have a clear ending

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    English edition It was a short one shot Reminded me a little of beauty and the beast Would have been so much better if it been fleshed out and the king actually did some redeeming because the princess caved just a little too quickly in my opinion.

  7. Nandar Nandar says:

    A one shot that I wished was longer then it was It could have been better if it was longer, that way the mangaka would be able to flesh out the characters .The storyline and art was so good, really pretty

  8. Rida Rida says:

    It was bizarre

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