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[Read] ➲ Raport către El Greco Author Nikos Kazantzakis – Plummovies.info Ntre Autobiografie Si Bildungsroman Spiritual, Raport C Tre El Greco Publicat Postum, N Traseaz Mai Mult Dec T Drumul Prin Lume Al Lui Kazantzakis Unul Dintre Modelele Sale Era Odiseu , C Ci D Seam De Metamorfozele Intelectuale I Suflete Ti Ale Unui Mare Scriitor Dup Cum Nsu I Autorul Recunoa Te A Adar, Cititorule, Vei G Si N Aceste Pagini Firul Ro U Nchegat Din Pic Turile S Ngelui Meu, Care Marcheaz Drumul Meu Printre Oameni, Patimi I Idei Raport C Tre El Greco Nu Este Un Text Strict Autobiografic Dup Cum Nsu I Scriitorul M Rturise Te Ritos , Nu Este Un Volum De Memorialistic Sau De Nsemn Ri De C L Torie, De I N Paginile Lui Se Deruleaz O Fascinant , Perpetu C L Torie Ultima Carte Scris De Nikos Kazantzakis Este Un Testament Literar, O Proz N Care Cititorul Statornic I Iremediabil Ndr Gostit De Opera Cretanului Va Reg Si Toate Fa Etele Personalit Ii Vulcanice Ale Acestui Titan Al Literelor Grece Ti I Universale Elena LAZ R

10 thoughts on “Raport către El Greco

  1. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Report to Greco, Nikos Kazantzakis Report to Greco is a fictionalized account of Greek philosopher and writer Nikos Kazantzakis s own life, a sort of intellectual autobiography that leads readers through his wide ranging observations on everything from

  2. Peycho Kanev Peycho Kanev says:

    What a writer It is my fault that I discovered him just now, but I will read all of his work This is not a memoir or auto biography as such, but something much deeper, much profound and spiritual At times, the Christian and the spiritual preaching are too much fo

  3. PGR Nair PGR Nair says:

    Report to Greco Vienna 1921 Closeted inside an apartment there, my favourite is deeply engrossed in writing a play on Buddha He had been grooming himself into a state of ascetic discipline for some time to write this play Cut off from the enticing city outside, he listened

  4. Ade Bailey Ade Bailey says:

    A stunning autoiography of the Greek hero In the best tradition of autobiography, about a journey shorn of irrelevant personal history A breathtaking trip through his spiritual odyssey from Christianity, through Nietzche, Buddhism, Communism andback to the point where old he has thi

  5. Nicole Nicole says:

    Reading Nikos Kazantzakis novel Report To Greco in the back room of the store The world begins to get loud The prologue begins I collect my tools sightsmelltouchtastehearingintellectNight has fallen, the day s work is done I return like a mole to my home, the ground Not because I am tired and

  6. Jan Jan says:

    I came across this book years ago in a used book store without any knowledge of what it was I was blown away What a remarkable book It is a fictional autobiography by a skilled writer with a strong background in philosophy.It is the story of Kazantzakis lifelong spiritual, moral, and intellectual journ

  7. Zainab Alqassab Zainab Alqassab says:

    .The title of the book was a little bit tricky and confusing for me I assumed the author intended to view his life as a set of cumulative experiences it is in a form of scientific autobiography kind of report hilarious i know Thus, I judged the book based on certain criteria and was frustrated at first with the

  8. Antonia Antonia says:

    I am entirely in love with Nikos Kazantzakis and this book was a great journey full of passion and strong feelings Re discovering Greece through his words, fears, longings and the sinuous paths of his soul is a marvelous experience This is a book of splendors and profound thought, book of incomparable delicacy and form Re

  9. Alex Alex says:

    Finally This was a hard one i found myself to have similar ideas with Kazantzakis about life, death, God, Devil and so on this is a book of ideas, with a bit of something happening in between his real novels are a better option to dive into Nazantzakis head The ideas, the constant fight between God exists What is God Where is God a

  10. Zack Shaeffer Zack Shaeffer says:

    It is billed as a spiritual autobiography which may appeal to those who took Prof Pierce s PTS class with me in the Spring The book recounts Kazantzakis author of Zorba the Greek, and The Last Temptation of Christ life story from childhood on Crete to travels all over the Mediterranean and Europe, in the form of a deathbed report to one of h

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