Unequal Affections: A Pride and Prejudice Retelling

Unequal Affections: A Pride and Prejudice Retelling When Elizabeth Bennet first knew Mr Darcy, she despised him and was sure he felt the same Angered by his pride and reserve, influenced by the lies of the charming Mr Wickham, she never troubled herself to believe he was anything other than the worst of men until, one day, he unexpectedly proposedMr Darcy s passionate avowal of love causes Elizabeth to reevaluate everything she thought she knew about him What she knows is that he is rich, handsome, clever, and very much in love with her She, on the other hand, is poor, and can expect a future of increasing poverty if she does not marry The incentives for her to accept him are strong, but she is honest enough to tell him that she does not return his affections He says he can accept that but will either of them ever be truly happy in a relationship of unequal affection Diverging from Jane Austen s classic novel Pride and Prejudice at the proposal in the Hunsford parsonage, this story explores the kind of man Darcy is, even before his proper humbling, and how such a man, so full of pride, so much in love, might have behaved had Elizabeth chosen to accept his original proposal

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  1. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    I m sick as a dog I have the flu My head hurts I read this book curled up in bed in the wee hours of the morning while every cell in my body was aching.This book was just what I needed It is one of the best Pride and Prejudice reimaginings I have ever read.I read a horrifying amount of Pride and Prejudice fan pu

  2. Katie Lumsden Katie Lumsden says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this one a very intriguing and interesting Pride and Prejudice retelling, a kind of novelised thought experiment and character study, full of little details and fantastic writing Very compelling and good fun I d highly recommend.

  3. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    4.5 stars A Challenging Courtship Full of Concealment and ConflictTYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL VariationTIME FRAME Darcy s Proposal at Hunsford through early June epilogueCHARACTERS A very Darcy and Elizabeth centric story, but all our old friends make an appearanceSYNOPSIS What if Lizzy didn t say no What if, after hearing Da

  4. J. W. Garrett J. W. Garrett says:

    Oh, Lizzy Do anything rather than marry without affection Jane Austen, Pride and PrejudiceIn this what if variation of P P, our author asks the question what if Elizabeth didn t refuse the Hunsford proposal What if she was honest with Darcy regarding her feelings of surprise and being completely unaware of his regard He actually

  5. Leslie Leslie says:

    At some point in every P where instead of Lizzy s famous set down of Darcy, following his proposal at Hunsford parsonage, she asks for time to think about it Yes every one knows that Lizzy and Jane have sworn to only marry for the deepest love but Lizzy is clever a At some point in every PP fans life they will ask did Lizzy really love

  6. Sheila Majczan Sheila Majczan says:

    I read most of the longer than a sentence or two reviews onand have to agree with many of the positive comments This book is excellent It is one for which I would warn you that you will want to read slowly and contemplatively And I read it in one day, starting early in the morning and ending late in the evening PLUS it is one I will re read.

  7. Pallabi Dutta Pallabi Dutta says:

    4.5 glorious stars WOW Just WOW I was already a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice Like it s my favourite and I have read it three times already I think I even memorised some of the lines from the novel Which is weird considering I am never able to remember my business class notes Nada Then when I was mulling over my thoughts of how I wanted to reada

  8. Brenda Brenda says:

    I have read many retellings of Pride Prejudice now, many of which have portrayed Darcy as not really proud and disagreeable but merely misunderstood I had forgotten that he does start out as proud and disagreeable in P P and that he had character flaws that he had to work to overcome to be the man we all know and love and admire so much In this retellin

  9. Eliza Baum Eliza Baum says:

    10 1 18 I ve pretty much stopped counting how many times I ve read this It s an audiobook go to when I can t make up my mind what else I wanna read.Third reading 10 26 16 I m officially changing my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars, as this has become one of my not so guilty pleasure stories The audio book is fabulous, and it makes the raw emotion of it all that

  10. Claudine DiMuzio / Just Jane 1813 Claudine DiMuzio / Just Jane 1813 says:

    This was the first P P am variation I ever read, which has led me to read 35in the past three months They are addicting This book was so sweet and filled with clean, intimate moments Lots of great tension that led to a great deepening of the Darcys love and affection for each other This was the first PP am variation I ever read, which has led me to read 35in the pa

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