A Beginner's Guide to AutoHotkey, Absolutely the Best Free

A Beginner's Guide to AutoHotkey, Absolutely the Best Free New Second Edition, October,For Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windowsand Windows , AutoHotkey is the most powerful, flexible, free Windows utility software available Anyone can quickly add of the functions that they want to all of their Windows programs, whether installed on their computer or while working on the Web AutoHotkey has a universality not found in any other Windows utility free or paidThe beauty of AutoHotkey is that it works with any Windows program word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, e mail or with any Web page or Blog There are literally hundreds of free AutoHotkey apps available for adding to or adapting for your Windows computer Do a Google search on the key words ComputorEdge AutoHotkey apps for examples This second edition updates the entire book adding an Index to Chapter Topics and AutoHotkey Commands plus two all new chapters on using AutoHotkey for gaming and common newbie AutoHotkey messages and errorsChapter One How to Become a Windows Computer AutoHotkey Superhero The best way to keep your job or get a new one is make yourself valuable Chapter Two Programming Is for Everyone Don t think you can program Think again Writing software scripts is not just for nerds Chapter Three Installing AutoHotkey and Writing Your First Script AutoHotkey, an often overlooked utility program, could become your best friend for your PC Chapter Four More Basic AutoHotkey Techniques Changing the case of text from upper to lower and back again Chapter Five Sharing AutoHotkey Scripts Compile your AutoHotkey scripts into an executable EXE file, plus restoring the original clipboard contents Chapter Six Instant Search and Replace StringReplace to search and replace any text, anywhere, anytime using Loop and If Chapter Seven Cool Date Tricks with AutoHotkey Enter the current date into any Windows program automatically Chapter Eight Powerful Screen Object Controls in AutoHotkey Using the Graphic User Interface GUI controls in AutoHotkey to build simple gadgets Chapter Nine Automatically Resizing Windows with AutoHotkey and User Defined Functions Write a user defined function for resizing windows to exact dimensions on your desktop Chapter Ten Make Any Window Always on Top Anywhere, Anytime, Plus More If Statements Using AutoHotkey to make a window always on top Chapter Eleven Opening Useful Hidden Windows Folders with AutoHotkey and Making a Help Pop up An easier way to open hidden Windows folders, such as Startupplus AutoHotkey and an AutoHotkey help pop up Chapter Twelve Cleaning up the Desktop A tip for organizing Windows Desktop clutter and power with AutoHotkey Replace Use AutoHotkey for e mail addresses and adding boilerplate Chapter Thirteen Disabling Annoying Windows Hotkeys It s easy to Delete All when the Control key is next to the Shift key Chapter Fourteen AutoHotkey for Copying and Moving Files If copying files become tedious with a mouse, it may be time for AutoHotkeyNew in Second Edition Chapter Fifteen How to Cheat at Computer Games and Restarting with AutoHotkey Action Recorders AutoHotkey is great for empowering your avatar, plus automatic script creators for beginners

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