10 thoughts on “A Closer Look

  1. babyhippoface babyhippoface says:

    McCarthy emphasizes the beauty of nature s simplicity in her picture book, which features successions of cut paper collages showing three living things a ladybug, a flower, and a hummingbird from five different perspectives As each illustration zooms out to give a broader view of the object the ladybug begins as just one big, black dot on a field of red and eventually moves out to

  2. Marissa Elera Marissa Elera says:

    Challenge their minds with this dazzling, interactive storytime option McCarthy starts off her illustrations of bugs, birds, and plants in super zoomed in views, scaling out as the pages go on to reveal the full subject This book will keep them guessing as they try to figure out what they are looking at, and inspire spirited dialogue and intrigue for your storytime attendants The sparse te

  3. Alia Alia says:

    I liked the concept of lookingclosely at plants and animals but I didn t love this book For one, I wished that there wereplants and animals being examined The last page shows a whole garden but we only take a closer look at three things The other things that bugged me was the illustrations They are really neat art wise but it seems as though McCarthy didn t consider the fact that books have gutters

  4. Alicia Evans Alicia Evans says:

    Kids are asked to study each close up picture in turn and then we slowly seeandof the image They get a chance to guess what the image is and a lot of them can do it quite quickly I thought the idea was cute, but the images are pretty easy to guess and the book is very short so reading it takes about a minute I could see this being good for very young kids, but it s not necessarily good for a wide age range.

  5. Karen Karen says:

    My four year old son checked this book out from the library this week This is a GREAT concept book for a younger child It is beautifully illustrated, and the concept is beautifully executed, and the book is very short I m not sure what the age range for this book is, but I m guessing under four years.

  6. Amy Amy says:

    A very clever book and so fun to read with your kids It is a type of lift the flap book where on one page it gives you a small glimpse of something and you continue to get bigger and bigger glimpses until the who scene is revealed It is so fun to try and guess what the picture is and kids love reading it over and over and over

  7. Lara Lara says:

    Close up views of subjects like bugs and flowers are followed by the zoomed out version to identify the subject This would work well with kids in storytime guessing what each up close view is of and then turning the page to show them what the author says it is.

  8. Molly Molly says:

    Great for Bunny Hop, as the parents would fill in what the kids were seeing Also, the pages that say only look served to get the kid s attention each time Preschooler s would enjoy guessing what each page contains.

  9. Mimo Mimo says:

    While not overly exciting, this book is pretty cool It shows small details of nature and then zooms out , starting with a ladybug s spot and working up to the whole garden I could definitely use this as a guessing game for preschool storytime.

  10. Kari Kari says:

    Interesting book, the kids enjoy ita little boring

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