Becoming Pony Kindle Ö Becoming Pony Kindle -

Becoming Pony  Kindle Ö Becoming Pony  Kindle - Jen and her boyfriend have played around with bondage, but she s never been entirely willing to let herself go as far as they both want her to When Jacob suggests pony play, Jen says she isn t ready, but Jacob decides to take matters into his own hands He knows Jen would be a good pony, and he plans to show her just what that means The problem is, Jacob wants forever, but Jen isn t sure she even wants one day.This is a story of bondage, trust, and betrayal with a healthy dose of kink This is a work of fiction and depicts sexual acts between consenting adults It is intended for adult audiences only The author encourages all BDSM play to be safe, sane, and consensual.

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