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Self Encounter  Epub Ý Self Encounter  Epub / Those who know the laws of life completely, don t aim small Sirshree Self Encounter is a unique book of its kind that helps you to encounter yourself and bring in total transformation in all facets of your lifeThis bestseller book provides an insight into each of the five aspects of your life, ie physical, mental, social, financial, and spiritual It also describes how to transcend the whole gamut of feelings encountered within the process of self development to self realization Whether you want to stay fit, grow rich, be calmer and sharper mentally, socialize better, or elevate yourself spiritually, you shall get the solution to all your needs The book also emphasizes that understanding is central to determining the path of Truth and shows the way to attain the Supreme Truth

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  1. Gaurav Kumar Gaurav Kumar says:

    Lot of learning i had mere by reading. awesome

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