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!!> Download ➽ In a Shallow Grave  ➸ Author James Purdy – Plummovies.info Ebook In A Shallow Grave By James Purdy Terrapin Info.co.uk A Soldier Named Garnet Montrose Returns Home To Coastal Virginia Bearing A Grotesque Injury Which Is Nauseatingly Repellent To Anyone Who Sees Him He Hires Two Young Male Caretakers, Quintus Pearch And Potter Daventry, Who Look After His Disability They Also Act As A Go Between With Garnet S Childhood Sweetheart, Now The Widow Georgina Rance, Delivering Her Messages In A Desperate Attempt To Restart Their Interrupted Relationship.With Vivid Gothic Imagery And Drama, Purdy Explores The Varieties Of Love And The Powerful Transformations It Can Make In Anyone S Life Readers Will Not Soon Forget Garnet, Quintus, And Daventry For The Genuine Human Love That They Share And Reject And How They Discover Their Way In The World.

10 thoughts on “In a Shallow Grave

  1. Steve Steve says:

    Five on a scale of five No, 13 on a scale of 10 Imagine the combined spirits of Faulkner and Flannery O Connor on LSD, channeling Rimbaud and Kafka who are trying to outdo each other paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter, like jazz musicians trading eights This is the bo

  2. Chris Chris says:

    This is the perfect book for anyone looking to discover or explore the works of James Purdy In only 140 pages he displays the elements and characteristics of his highly literary writing a mysterious Southern Gothic style, an unconventional narration which stimulates thought, dr

  3. Wendell Wendell says:

    his book is one of the darkest that Purdy has written, about a veteran named Garnet Montrose who returns to his Southern home totally disfigured and nauseatingly repellent to anyone who sees him His primary relationships are with two young men, Quintus Pearch and Potter Daventry,

  4. Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant says:

    incredible, like nothing I ve read before

  5. D.D. Price D.D. Price says:

    Sometimes when you think you ve hit on a hidden gem you find out by the time the ending comes around that you ve been tricked all along Indeed, if you look at the reviews on this site you see a lot of comparison of James Purdy to other great writers While I may admire a lot of what J

  6. Frank Hoppe Frank Hoppe says:

    What wonderful language, encompassing the sorrows and wastes of life and misplaced love The protagonist, whose youthful good looks have been obliterated by a wartime explosion, goes through an extended period of recovery, encompassing sexual attractions that span races and genders Yet

  7. Jack Wolfe Jack Wolfe says:

    What a demented little book What a fucked up mess Purdy is a special writer, fo sho The Goodreaders comparing his brand of Southern Gothic to Faulkner and O Connor are onto something I feel the aura of Poe here, as well there s a dark comedy here, and a sort of Old Testament severity, as

  8. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    I wasn t sure at all what this book would be like going into it, but I m glad to say that it was absolutely excellent and a wonderful story that holds all the atmosphere of the south in an almost gothic sort of way, complete with great characters with a lot of depth.

  9. Julia Julia says:

    initially kind of slow going, and then, at around the halfway point, weirdly transfixing although i like william faulkner and carson mccullers, john jeremiah sullivan, etc i ve always felt completely baselessly that i m not super into the south again, let me reiterate, a completely baseless

  10. Libre Libre says:

    Dieses Buch und seine Geschichte ist verwirrend interessant interessant verwirrend Ich kann es nicht einordnen weder war das Buch toll, noch war es schlecht Dennoch konnte ich es nicht aus der Hand legen und aufh ren zu lesen Wahrschnlich beruht dies auf der Geschichte selbst, die undefinierba

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