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!!> Read ➶ Us Three (One Voice, #1)  ➺ Author Mia Kerick – Plummovies.info A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title In His Junior Year At A Public High School, Sweet, Bright Casey Minton S Biggest Worry Isn T Being Gay Keeping From Being Too Badly Bullied By His So Called Friends, A Group Of Girls Called The Queen Bees, Is Pressing Nate De Marco Has No Friends, His Tough Home Life Having Taken Its Toll On His Reputation, But He S Determined To Get Through High School Zander Zane S Story Is Different He S Popular, A Jock Zander Knows He S Gay, But Fellow Students Don T, And He D Like To Keep It That Way No One Expects Much When These Three Are Grouped Together For A Class Project, Yet In The Process The Boys Discover Each Other S Talents And Traits, And A New Bond Forms But What If Nate, Zander, And Casey Fall In Love Each With The Other And All Three Together Not Only Gay But Also A Threesome, For Them High School Becomes Infinitely Complicated And Maybe Even Dangerous To Survive And Keep Their Love Alive, They Must Find Their Individual Strengths And Courage And Stand Together, Honest And United If They Can Do That, They Might Prevail Against The Queen Bees And A Student Body Frightened Into Silence And Even Against Their Own Crippling Fears.

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  1. Tina Tina says:

    Mia Kerick isn t a new author to me, I ve read her novel Out of Hiding not too long ago but after reading the premise of Us Three I had my doubts A Young Adult m nage How would that work Frankly I wasn t too keen on starting this one but my curiosity finally got the better of me and after reading only a few pages I couldn t put it down I totally lost myself in this book, it s a sad tale, especially as one of the sweetest characters ever, is the target of the most vicious bullying I ve experie

  2. Mandy*reads obsessively* Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

    4.5 Underneath his sparkly surface there s a whole thick level of a damaged soul I know this, because I got to see it Wow, what a story My love for all things m m m is no secret and when I saw Mia Kerick wrote one and a YA one at that, I knew I just had to read it I ve read two other books by this author and I have to say, she has young, hurting and healing down solid.This book is full of feelings and emotions, it had me running the gamut on all of them From anger and fear to indignation and

  3. .Lili. .Lili. says:

    I quite enjoyed this one This is the story of three very different teenagers that come together after being assigned work together on a group project at school Each one is suffering but through their friendship that develops into a loving relationship they find strength What I loved Each character had a voice I loved the way she gave us each character s POV Great character development The author made me feel a part of the story making me feel what the characters were feeling Dialogue was realistic I though

  4. Breann Breann says:

    Enter to win a copy of Us Three at BMBR ____________________________________________What a story What a wonderful, beautiful story.The chemistry between Zander, Nate and Casey was off the charts They fit together so perfectly, whether it was two of them together or all three of them together, I could feel all the emotion flowing between them What they had was unexpected for the boys While they were working together, this strong and solid bond was forming and they had no idea They had no idea that they coul

  5. Susan Susan says:

    I really liked this MMM YA story The romance was very sweet The story was a bit tough to read since it focusses on bullying, but I loved how these guys dealt with it in the end.Casey, Nate and Zander are 16 years old and attending Benjamin Franklin High school, where the popular kids rule the school isn t that always the case in high school.Casey is the one being severely bullied here It got so bad when he was 14 that he left school for 18 months after a terribly upsetting incident And what makes it even worse is that t

  6. Mtsnow13 Mtsnow13 says:

    4.5 for some unresolved issues, but a FANTASTIC story My thoughts From the very first paragraph, the story grabbed me.EXCERPT 18 months ago I WAS down again flat on my belly in the grass this time There was no use in trying to get up I was outnumbered, and most of them were bigger than me Something sharp smacked into the back of my head This time it was a high heeled boot it tumbled past my face I pushed my chin harder against the ground and stuffed my head under my arms I guess I wasn t expecting a tear jerker, but oh my gosh

  7. Jay Northcote Jay Northcote says:

    I wasn t sure what to expect with this one, it had been on my kindle for a while But once I started I was hooked.It s not an easy read, in the sense that it deals with some pretty horrific bullying But it s an easy read in that it flows well, it s paced well and the different characters voices are well written and compelling I really liked the way the author kept the voices so distinct and used different methods of narration for each of them I think she did a great job with that and it made them feel very real to me The characters we

  8. Sandra Sandra says:

    I ll need to collect my thoughts about this book and the message it contains, but while I do that, y all go buy this, m kay And then make sure every high schooler reads this too Full review will be on Booklikes and my blog See you there.

  9. Riina Y.T. Riina Y.T. says:

    B E A U T I F U L What a wonderful story I so love these boys, all hurting in one way or another, all wonderful in their own way and so so so adorable, brave and strong together Our sexuality is ours We shouldn t have to hide it.High school, bullies, hurt, unexpected friendship, help comfort, hope and, of course, sweet and tender love this was just so my kind of book I guess, somehow, the story is predictable, but that s okay, because it was really well done and them being three wonderful boys was something fresh and new, for me at

  10. Heller Heller says:

    I think the hard thing for me with many YA NA reads is the lesson aspect There s always a teaching angle and sometimes that angle is palatable than others of its ilk This story focuses on bullying view spoiler Liz was a psychopath, IMO For her actions to be so easily dismissed and Casey told to man up just made me angry I get it s a lesson but it was definitely a tad bit too over the top in your face this is what bullying is and how you can make it better lesson hide spoiler

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