Bite of Darkness [A New Adult Dark Vampire Romance] PDF

Bite of Darkness [A New Adult Dark Vampire Romance]  PDF Abducted Abused Tossed into a cellar with a starving vampire It never should have happened Anna shouldn t have woken broken, beaten and bleeding, in the dark and damp cellar but that s where she was Gagged and bound, she knew she d been left to die alone or so she thought The ancient vampire, the powerful ruling vampire of North America, had been deceived by his kind After nearly three thousand years of life, he was on the verge of starving to death until the small young woman was tossed into the dark with him He could smell her blood and his mouth watered The monster inside of him wanted to feel her blood thick in his mouth and leave her an empty husk on the cold floor He wanted to taste her He needed to feed With the tones of the access code swirling as a nocturne in her mind, Anna held the key to their escape if the vampire could resist the call of her blood This is a dark and erotic vampire romance, part one of the Darkness Falls series Not recommended for readers under 18.

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