Pure Vegetarian: 108 Indian-Inspired Recipes to Nourish

Pure Vegetarian: 108 Indian-Inspired Recipes to Nourish An inspired vegetarian cookbook withrecipes inflected with the practices of Ayurveda and mindfulness practices derived from a bhakti yogic lifestyle Food is so much than nourishment for the body, and health is not just a results oriented goal Lakshmi Wennakoski Bielicki, the creator of PureVege, creates food that is healthy, tasty, ethically sound, and spiritually resonant it is an offering of devotion To Lakshmi, a vegetarian diet is simply the practical starting point on the path toward a mindful life Pure Vegetarian melds yoga philosophy with mindful food preparation and delicious meals, any day, all year long You do not need to practice yoga or Ayurveda to find these recipes accessible, delicious, and divine Many of therecipes are influenced by Indian tradition but modified for the Western palate Lakshmi encourages experimenting with favorite vegetables and seasonings to create fresh versions of familiar classics spelt crackers with hummus, strawberry halva, fig tart with frozen pecan pudding The recipes are easily adapted to a vegan or gluten free diet as wellRecipes include Homemade cheeses, yogurt, buttermilk, and other organic dairy products Fresh baked Indian style flatbreads and snacks Wholesome legume and rice dishes, packed full of seasonal vegetables for hearty meals year round Fragrant spice blends to accent all kinds of sweet and savory dishes Salads, sprouts, chutneys, and sauces to flavor any meal Sweet desserts, confections, and refreshing drinks to satisfy any palate

10 thoughts on “Pure Vegetarian: 108 Indian-Inspired Recipes to Nourish Body and Soul

  1. Indira Indira says:

    I love this cookbook It features thoughtful delicious recipes that work, from the heavenly dal and uppuma, to breads featuring avocado for adding to the dough I trust the author, and know that her instincts are sharp, and her attention to detail rewarding A lovely book.

  2. Cherie Cherie says:

    Lots of yummy Indian pure veg recipes.

  3. Radha Gopinath Radha Gopinath says:

    As a recipe collection, Pure Vegetarian offers an interesting read for any Western vegetarian I like that the author doesn t claim that the recipes are 100% authentic, but admits that many of them she has developed by tracing back a food memory Many of the preparations, especially on the sweet section, follow the standard of Hare Krishna restaurants around the world anyone who has ever eaten in one knows that the desserts are satisfying, and often less sugary than the ones served in India.Bei As a reci

  4. Brandy Brandy says:

    I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review This is easily the most gorgeous cookbook I have ever seen, let alone own The care put into it is obvious from the moment you get it in your hands As far as content recipes go, I haven t had the opportunity to try any out yet, and I have never even eaten any of these foods anyway, so I m not sure I could ever properly critique that aspect Truthfully, I had never heard of many of the ingredients I am a little skeptical I received a copy

  5. Divya Divya says:

    I bought Pure Vegetarian while on vacation and read all non recipe parts on my flight back home it was so interesting Now I m trying the recipes, and they are not only satisfying but motivating for me to experiment with her ideas of ingredients and spice combinations I also love the way Lakshmi helps us relate to food beyond consumerism, bringing our attention to the social and spiritual aspects preparing and sharing food Well structured and beautifully illustrated, delicious recipes with cl I bought Pure Vegetari

  6. roxi Net roxi Net says:

    Drool Over veggies Totally I really enjoyed reading Pure Vegetarian and sampling the recipes I ve always been a big fan of Indian recipes and I was excited to see how yogic cooking was described in this book I had reviewed a different cookbook regarding yogic cooking and it was nothing like Pure Vegetarian with its beautiful color photographs, drool inducing food shots and descriptions of food, etc.I was also excited to see recipes that included foods not found in normal grocery stores I h Drool Over veggies Totally I r

  7. Jules Jules says:

    A wonderfully executed and artfully restrained cookbook Wennakoski Bielickie uses 108 vegetarian, Indian recipes to take readers through a gastronomic yoga practice Building block recipes early on butter, ghee, spice mixes are used later to create satisfying dishes and main meals Clean and simple dessert recipes close the book on a satisfying note and leave readers feeling invigorated and inspired.Notes Beautiful pictures, recipes look great I ve been cooking long enough to know by sight A wonderfully executed and artfully re

  8. Colleen Colleen says:

    Disclaimer This is a First Reads reviewThis is a beautifully put together cookbook of Indian inspired recipes I m not enough of a connoisseur to know how traditional the recipes are, but it seems that she s put her own twist on a lot of them The photos alone are enough to make you want to try the recipes She takes you through making basics yogurt cheese, paneer, etc intocomplicated dishes I tried her paneer recipe and it was surprisingly easy and turned out just as expected.

  9. Chris Loop Chris Loop says:

    Simple, clean and healthy recipes with a Indian twist I feel all cookbooks should have great drool worthy photos and this book comes through Great for anyone who wants to expand their helathy options

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