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Free ↠ The Brave  By Rachna Bisht Rawat – KINDLE The Brave Rachna Bisht Rawat Twenty One Riveting Stories About How India S Highest Military Honour Was Won Rachna Bisht Rawat Takes Us To The Heart Of War, Chronicling The Tales Of Twenty One Of India S Bravest Soldiers Talking To Parents, Siblings, Children And Comrades In Arms To Paint The Most Vivid Character Portraits Of These Men And Their Conduct In Battle, And Getting Unprecedented Access To The Indian Army, Rawat Has Written The Ultimate Book On The Param Vir Chakra.

10 thoughts on “The Brave

  1. Vishal Kale Vishal Kale says:

    The current book in question fills, in my humble opinion, a major gap in our literature a mainstream book on the recipients of the Paramvir Chakra, their deeds, their bravery and their life story This is

  2. Ankita Chauhan Ankita Chauhan says:

    Please steal some moments from your life and must read The Brave by Rachna Bisht This book is all about those superheroes who sacrificed their lives just to make our life secure It needs guts to read these

  3. Kainaaz Kainaaz says:

    I loved the stories of valor, grit, patriotism and determination What s not to love about such strong qualities The stories are real The lives lost are real The difficulties and obstacles endured by our soldie

  4. Divya Sharma Divya Sharma says:

    writing this review would be a battle betwre the head and the heart your heart cannot believe the superhuman stories of courage displayed by these army men the head thinks that though the book is a good attempt i

  5. Pranay Bhaisare Pranay Bhaisare says:

    The writing is so charismatic that it takes you right into the combat zone and helps you to relate with each and every brave soldier.

  6. Varun Rajwade Varun Rajwade says:

    This book is a true gem and a must read Brave chronicles the stories and war incidents of India s 21 Param Vir Chakra winners. While the writing is easy to read and follow, its really the spirit of these superhuman war

  7. Abhiroop Ghoshdastidar Abhiroop Ghoshdastidar says:

    Think of a rainy holiday afternoon when you started this book with a hot cup of coffee, it rains endlessly and water clogs the streets and then you think of how difficult it would be to get to anywhere in this rain Now, p

  8. Anantha Narayanan Anantha Narayanan says:

    Very much proud of our param vir men Its sad to know most of them does not live among us, but they are the ones who set examples for others The supreme sacrifices these men make are often forgotten, and are never celebrated

  9. Rajesh Thiagarajan Rajesh Thiagarajan says:

    This book is a tribute to all the Indian soldiers who secure our border and trade their lives in return This book shows the hardships and the sacrifices these martyrs go through in each phase of their lives The stories are well

  10. Ankaj Ankaj Ankaj Ankaj says:

    A spell bounding storytelling of PVC awardees andimportantly their near and dear ones The pride one feels to have given the supreme sacrifice in the honour of nation, the feeling which none can imagine A story of valour But also u

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