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!!> KINDLE ❄ Dont Call Me Hero (Don’t Call Me Hero, #1)  ❁ Author Eliza Lentzski – Plummovies.info It S Been Over A Year Since Cassidy Miller Retired From The United States Marine Corps, But Try Telling That To Her Nightmares She Knew That Coming Back After Eight Years In A War Zone Wouldn T Be Easy, But She D Underestimated The Real Difficulties Of Transitioning Back To Civilian Life War Is Hell, But The Aftermath Is Endless Looking For A Fresh Start, She S Left Her Friends And Career In Minneapolis To Be A Police Officer In Northern Minnesota It S In The Tiny Town Of Embarrass Where She Learns About Julia Desjardin The City Prosecutor Is Cool, Professional, And Untouchable But She And Cassidy Have History, And Cassidy Isn T Going To Let Her Easily Forget That For All Their Surface Differences, Cassidy And Julia Have In Common Than They First Realized Both Are Reluctant To Hand Over Their Pasts To Be Judged And Studied But It Might Take Someone Just As Damaged As The Other To Help Each Cope With The Skeletons In Their Respective Closets. The beauty of books is the exposure that it gives readers to life experiences that may never be their own This is the first novel that I ve read where it features a character with a military background I have friends that have served some, still serving in the military, but the extent of my knowledge is what they feel comfortable sharing with me What Cassie goes through in adjusting to civilian life seems to mirror a lot of the stories that I ve heard from soldiers returning from war Though, I can t speak for the authenticity of the details or the experience, I can say that this is an important story featuring two complex characters who are both deeply affected by the ravages of war, that find love and comfort with each other Oh, love.Cassie and Julia s first encounter is less than ideal, but the chemistry between the two sizzles from start to finish This isn t your average, idealistic fairy tale and there s really not a lot of fluff There s a gritty intensity to the story, and I would say that it is less about romance than it is about passionate love If a book could give you bruises by just reading it, Don t Call Me Hero would be on that list The main characters challenge each other, fight with each other, and tear through the others defenses and clothes like their house was on fire.Also, you ll want to get your Winter Jacket har har out for this one Julia Desjardin is the epitome of ice queen, and her character remains chilly for a significant portion of the novel The first time her character showed a bit of warmth it s like water to a nomad walking under the blazing sun in the desert for a million years You might even think it s a mirage of an oasis She s an interesting counterpoint to Cassie, who burns with her desire to do good for her community.Take heed This is not a tale for the faint of heart This is like a tattooed, chain smoking Disney princess fighting for PETA and saving the world while having a lot of hot sex with her Prince ss Charming with a whip in her hand The die hard romance in me winced a little reading through this one, but really, I loved every word of it I am quite familiar with Ms.Lentzski s standalones and always developed a crush on her leads love interests For someone who hates love triangle, I don t mind being the other woman Fragmented Raleigh Bittersweet Homecoming Charlotte Sunscreen and Coconuts KateLatest addition Don t Call Me A Hero Julia The author has another talent, her sex scenes If you would like to kill two birds with one stone I.e read and entertain your partner at the same time, then you should read the scenes out aloud to her I wonder how far you can go before one of you start a different kind of activity Warning Warning Mind heading to the gutter, back off, immediately Cassidy s credential female ex marine survived two tours in Hell Stan Police Academy Graduate Harley owner rider femme tomboy and fit looked good in and out of the uniform O cooking skills Judges, may I have the score Judge Dredd 1O, Jughead O, Judge Judy 1O, Me 9 4Why not perfect score Due to her lack of maturity and decision making, I struggled with her characterization in the beginning and her relationship with Julia only shined when they were playing the sensual cat and mouse games before wrestling off each other s clothing But as I read on, my disliked for Cassidy thawed out especially after learning her backstory there were intelligent flirty conversations moments with Julia I still need to be in Team Cassidy but I m not in a rush as I m too comfortable being Julia s girl toy Thankfully, another plot added in to make this story than just about two damaged souls taking a chance on each other, finding orgasms at first and love in the process The white collar crime was not at the adrenaline rush level but a good addition nevertheless and I am excited to read the next books Thank you Elle, for the recommendation, budget and time are not fans of yours atm though..but to heck with them Something interesting and needed to be shared with you warriors I was getting my guilty pleasure drink yesterday when a woman approached me and asked How are our kids I searched for the tiny pepper packets before my brain finally recognized her 13 years ago, when she told me that I was pregnant, I immediately asked her if it was hers and my ever so helpful partner instantly welcomed her to our family and said that my relatives would be over the moon that I finally won the doctor jackpot It was a pleasant afternoon, catching up with her. I can t believe I just got around to reading this book So glad I finally did Great read, that is relatively face paced and was a great book to escape into.Cassidy Miller is a Marine Corps veteran After serving two tours in Afghanistan, she heads home and enrolls in the Minneapolis police academy After a year on the job the horrors of war are still effecting her PTSD is a bitch, and the nightmares won t quit Cassidy decides to try her hand at becoming a cop in a small town, maybe the change in scenery and a slower pace will help her heal.Julia Desjardin is the the city attorney for Embarrass, Minnesota She is an absolute ice princess Beautiful, smart, rich and does not let anyone close to her Julia is a fascinating character, you could not help but be drawn to her She had an air of mystery surrounding her I wanted to know what made her tick Julia could not be any different from Cassidy, but these two are drawn together.Eliza Lentzski writes beautiful characters, who are flawed, but have such amazing hearts This book is full of angst, mystery, and a great love story This book is also very sexy if you know what I mean. I almost, ALMOST gave it 5 stars, but decided on 4 for just a few reasons.God, Eliza Lentzski is such a talented writer Her books are always beautiful, they re so easy to read, the writing flows, and the dialogues feel real Cassidy is so lovely, I fell in love with her the minute I read about her She s the perfect paradoxical mix of strength and vulnerability Her clumsiness and the way she feels ill at ease in society after her time at war is extremely endearing, and her story is heart breaking.It took me a long while to warm up to Julia Many times I found myself swearing out loud about how much of a bitch she was But once her true colors showed, I just couldn t resist When Cassidy is this brave woman who moves in the world with a shield of humility, Julia is the opposite she is terrified but moves in the world as if she owns it Both women are two pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly I think Julia is the sexiest character I have ever read about I m not usually a big fan of professional lesbians wearing tight skirts and high heels, but it s hard not to be affected by someone like Julia, whose displayed intelligence and confidence are simply irresistible She becomes even attractive, to the reader and to Cass, when she starts showing emotions and signs of weakness Great characterization all round The book is also very sexy VERY The sex scenes are ones of the hottest I ve read in romance novels, without being vulgar or crude I love their relationship too The pace at witch they slowly open up to each other, warm up to each other, is very realistic and keeps the reader interested until the end It s quite a heavy book It s not the typical romance story with fluffy moments that make your stomach flutter It s a very slow build, a push and pull kind of relationship, during which the girls are finding themselves again after years of hiding and running away from their respective closeted skeletons The last third of the book had me biting my nails for hours I love the storyline, the investigation putting Cassidy and Julia in a battle leading to a betrayal that breaks not only the characters hearts but the reader s as well I wasn t so fond of the setting, though American small town, attorney vs detective This context is overused in lesbian novels but balanced out by a plot that s very original.I wish we had lighter moments too I love angst and I think it s essential to a good love story, but some sweet moments would have helped the anguish I felt during the whole book That s maybe why I really need a sequel Those two have been through a lot and the book ends without giving that much satisfaction to the reader An epilogue would have been nice I want to know about their happily ever after In any case, this genre definitely needs writers like Lentzski

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