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[PDF] The Singular Miss Carrington  By Barbara Hazard – Plummovies.info Miss Claire Carrington Was The Most Independent Young Lady Ever To Scandalize The London Ton With Her Refusal To Bow To The Dictates Of Fashion Or The Rules Of Ladylike Deportment.Andrew Tyson, The Marquess Of Blagdon, Was The Most Elegant And Dashing Gentleman That Any Husband Hunting Beauty Could Want As Her Perfect Match.Clearly Miss Carrington And Lord Tyson Were As Different As Night And Day In Fact, There Was Only One Thing In The World On Which They Agreed Both Would Do Anything To Avoid The Trap Of Marriage, Even If Their Only Way To Escape Lay In Pretending To Love Each Other

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  1. Mary - Buried Under Romance Mary - Buried Under Romance says:

    Posted on Buried Under RomanceThe title says it all.Miss Claire Carrington has been raised by a rather unique spinster aunt, who had the effect of giving her a frank manner of speech, no tonnish manners and behaviors, a love of adventure, and a desire to maintain her own independence and not marry Upon eavesdropping on a conversation in which the heires

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    Very enjoyable re read from a book I ve kept since the 1980 s Hazard can certainly write an entertaining regency romance novel.Loved the heroine s unconventional lifestyle and especially the scrape she finds herself embroiled in near the book s end Hero is a bit of a grump, but he ch...

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