10 thoughts on “The Affair

  1. Claire Claire says:

    I ve grown to like short stories and Emma Kavanagh s The Affair is no different There s murder, mystery and intrigue crammed into 28 pages.There is little build, the

  2. Sue Sue says:

    I received a free download of The Affair A Short Story by Emma Kavanagh This is a digital short story from the author of Falling.Here we are introduced to Charlotte Solo

  3. Christine Christine says:

    We are introduced to Charlotte Solomon, who is one of the main characters in Hidden Hidden is due to be published on the 23rd April 2015 and is Emma Kavanagh s follow up to

  4. Joseph - Relax And Read Reviews Joseph - Relax And Read Reviews says:

    This quick, short story by Emma Kavanagh features Charlotte Solomon, the Swansea Times crime reporter we meet in Emma s brilliant new psychological thriller Hidden The Affair

  5. Maggie61 Maggie61 says:

    I am not familiar with this author s works however I do know that I love her style of writing I would actually give it a 3 1 2 The affair was so short and while I did enjoy it, I

  6. AdiTurbo AdiTurbo says:

    A good introduction to Charlie the journalist from Kavanagh s other books.

  7. Graham Dinton Graham Dinton says:

    I loved this short story as an introduction to Charlie, a feisty and capable journalist in Swansea Really lovely writing and use of words and excellent characterisation Plot is pretty

  8. Rachel McKitterick Rachel McKitterick says:

    3 stars.To be honest, I wasn t liking this story Not when I was comparing it to her other short story that I d read recently, Case 48 The Kidnapping of Isaiah Rae But, Once I read the las

  9. Geraldine Geraldine says:

    Silly not to take advantage of a free download of a short story Star rating somewhat irrelevant for a short story.I read enough to satisfy myself that Emma Kavanagh is readable This was actu

  10. Anne Martin Anne Martin says:

    It is the introduction of E.K s new heroine, Charlotte She works as a reporter for the local Swansea paper, and makes it look like British newspapers people could be a bit less heartless than U

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