The Test: My Life, and the Inside Story of the Greatest

The Test: My Life, and the Inside Story of the Greatest Eighteen years, eight series, eight defeats These are the facts I look around the room We re a young team Strauss, Flintoff, Vaughan, the new guy, Kevin Pietersen None of us remember England holding the Ashes We are a generation that have grown up in Australia s shadow InSimon Jones took part in the greatest Ashes series of all time As a devastating fast bowler in a brave young England team, Jones went toe to toe with the might of the seemingly unbeatable Australians Over the course of fifty four days Simon would experience the greatest highs of his career, and plunge to the lowest depths The series would change his life for ever In chapters that alternate between an unforgettable, insider s account of each of the five Tests and the remainder of his life, Simon presents the raw and unvarnished truth behind international sport the joy and the sacrifice, the physical and mental cost and the unrelenting pressure Heroes emerge, and cricketing legends are made human

10 thoughts on “The Test: My Life, and the Inside Story of the Greatest Ashes Series

  1. Peter Peter says:

    With the Ashes just days away I m getting myself into the mood by reading cricket stuff This autobiography by Simon Jones offers a vivid insight of the 2005 Ashes series that most cricket fans will know back to front anyway Knowing what happens doesn t reduce the enjoyment of hearing the tale through the eyes of a star performer whose injury dominated ins and outs had such a bearing on

  2. Jamesm Jamesm says:

    Great book, great bowler, great est series

  3. R E R E says:

    Great memoir of 2005.

  4. Lisa Farrell Lisa Farrell says:

    Really enjoyed this, primarily for the way it brought back memories of the 2005 Ashes series Not sure I particularly liked Jones by the end though.

  5. Tom Tom says:

    Takes a no frills approach, built around play by play accounts of each session of the 2005 Ashes series So it s not a celebrity memoir, this despite the publishers obsession with Kevin Pietersen and requires a decent knowledge of cricket language and characters No dumbed down explanations of what Lord s is For me, that s a good thing.He s a fairly modest character off the field at least and I m not sure the writer s n

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