TENNIS: 5 EASY Steps to MASTERING Tennis in the SHORTEST Discover How to Master Tennis in JustEasy Steps Tennis is an exciting, highly emotional game It is played with lots of skill and technique To a bystander, tennis may seem like a simple game for hitting the ball back and forth until one player misses a shot and the other player gets the point But, there is so much to just hitting the ball There are so many factors to consider in order to hit the ball properly, to send it flying with the right amount of speed and power, and to send it flying in the desired direction It takes knowledge, skill and loads of practice For this, tennis magazines and books are loaded with tips and tricks to achieve the best tennis game However, not all of them are easy to understand, with all the technical terms and the physics of the game Momentum, angles, speed and power are just some of the basic physics involved in tennis These are also one of the major reasons why beginners find it difficult to follow the game and learn how to play because it can be really difficult to wrap one s head around these things A lot of instructional materials on tennis can get very technical and difficult to follow Good news is, this tennis for beginners book makes things so much simpler You won t have to deal with angular momentum and all those physics stuff You get the simplest and yet most helpful tutorial ever to help you understand the game of tennis and to be a pro at it in no time Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn Learning the different types of grip The grip is a critical skill to learn because it will ultimately determine how shots eventually turn out and where the ball will soar to Learning the basics of a tennis serve There is to it than hitting hard You also get to learn some quick tips to make each serve count to your advantage Learning the forehand This is one of the most basic shots in tennis This is also one of the most common ones you ll ever make all throughout a game Even professional players rely on a great forehand to win Learning the backhand Like the forehand, the backhand is also one of the best shots to make in a game The lob is a versatile shot but can be difficult o learn This can be used as offense or for defence Learn how to use it to your advantage and so much The game of tennis requires knowledge and skill It is a highly technical game, too This book will give you all the tennis tips every beginner should know in order to truly know how to play the game Everything is simplified in this book In no time, you will soon be enjoying the game and be good at it, too All you need is a racket, a ball, and this book Plus, you have to have that determination to learn and the willingness to put in time to practice what you learn Pro tennis players did not become great athletes by just reading They put in time and effort to practice what they learned out on the court And, as you get the hang of the game, you can start developing your own tactics to improve your game Tennis strategy is very important in order to make a point It takes a good deal of understanding on the relationship between the grips, stance, position, racket and the ball With a good knowledge, coupled with tons of practice, the ball can be controlled and sent to just about any corner of the court With the right shot, the ball can be sent soaring high, low, sideways, spinning, or flying beautifully only to drop inches from the opponent s racket This book will help you learn all that in justeasy steps TennisEasy Steps to MASTERING Tennis in the Shortest Amount of Time is

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