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!!> PDF / Epub ✈ The Dark Days Deceit ⚣ Author Alison Goodman – Plummovies.info The Thrilling, Genre Bending Conclusion To Lady Helen S Demon Hunting Adventures, Set In The Glittering Regency World.Lady Helen Has Retreated To A Country Estate Outside Bath To Prepare For Her Wedding To The Duke Of Selburn, Yet She Knows She Has Unfinished Business To Complete She And The Dangerously Charismatic Lord Carlston Have Learned They Are A Dyad, Bonded In Blood, And Only They Are Strong Enough To Defeat The Grand Deceiver, Who Threatens To Throw Mankind Into Chaos But The Heinous Death Soaked Ligatus Helen Has Absorbed Is Tearing A Rift In Her Mind Its Power, If Unleashed, Will Annihilate Both Helen And Carlston Unless They Can Find A Way To Harness Its Ghastly Force And Defeat Their Enemy.In The Final Book Of The Trilogy That Began With THE DARK DAYS CLUB And Continued With THE DARK DAYS PACT, The Intrepid Lady Helen S Story Hurtles To A Shocking Conclusion Full Of Action, Heartbreak, And Betrayal. This had a lot of elements I enjoyed, starting with the little details of Regency life of the English gentry, and of Bath in the early 1800s I liked the way Alison Goodman contrasted all the rules governing the gentry s interactions with the urgent needs of the member of the Dark Days Club to investigate and stop the work of the Grand Deceivers and other Deceivers I actually enjoyed how Helen chafed at having to pick fabrics and dishware for her upcoming marriage to Selburn when she clearly needed and wanted to be doing far interesting and necessary things It was great how Helen continued to learn how to use her abilities, and how Carlston did not see her or Darby as lesser beings because of their gender And though the plot moved along at swiftly, I found myself feeling less engaged while reading this last installment of Helen s story, than I had with book 1 My reaction to this book was actually a little positive than my reaction to book 2, but something still detracted from my experience, so instead of the 4.5 stars I was hoping to give this book, I m currently vacillating between 3.5 and 4 stars. yeah, no offence, but the covers in this series are terrible.and even WORSE is that it s coming out in november THIS IS CALLED THE DARK DAYS DECEIT and i just saw Sept 2018 so i ll be in my grave until then when will I GET SOME NEWS Another favorite series delivers a low blow, crushing my girlish hopes of the epic finale and heartstopping romance What do you expect from a series that ended previously on a high note of girlish squicks and dancing around the room Right You expect epic conclusion You expect the high to be even higher You definitely do not expect the series to soar into the sky and then crash down on earth with 80 percent of the boring content of talking, walking, wedding preparations thentalking And what romance What feelings The high I felt from interactions between the characters in book 2 is gone disappeared into the zero chemistry land I literally spent a whole hour of mulling around after I finished the book, seriously contemplating maybe something was wrong with me and I somehow missed all the awesome parts But then I ran all the events in my head and didn t notice any gaps in my memory This book indeed was dull to the brim Granted, I had my own theory who the villain is and expected to be correct on that front view spoiler Yes, I was correct about Selburn being the Grand Deceiver, at least a part of it, but the dullness of the plot in no way helped me to feel excited about that fact On the contrary, when the moment of revelation came I read it and thought, Boring Give me something, at least hide spoiler Ooops Big error I just read book three before reading book 2 Oh well, no point going back and reading book 2 now because I know what happens So, just review book 3 anyway It was pretty good and it rounded up all the loose ends It seemed a little long but I was happy with the end result of the love triangle The final battle was really exciting Helen has come a long way since that first book Goodman is not afraid to kill off fairly major characters and there are a couple of sad deaths However a lot is learned about the way their magic powers work and the way the book ends suggests that the author could intend to continue I hope so.

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