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[Download] ➸ Souls of Darkness  Author Gary Butterfield – Plummovies.info Do You Remember The Worlds Of Power They Were Trashy Little Kids Books Based On Nintendo Games They Had Plots Like, What If A Kid Got Sucked Into Castlevania And Watched Dracula Drink Cherry Soda Souls Of Darkness Is Parody Of These Books Based On Dark Souls It Follows A Young Souls Scholar As She S Sucked Into Her Favorite Video Game World, Koledran, Where She Embarks On A Harrowing Journey And Encounters Incredible Figures Like Lunarious, Moonlit Knight And Lounging Carl, Seated Man.

10 thoughts on “Souls of Darkness

  1. Brian Brian says:

    If you were a Nintendo kid in the 80s, or have ever been to a garage sale, you might remember the Worlds of Power series I picked up Before Shadowgate at a garage sale because I was eager for any kind of incidental gaming material at a

  2. Luke Palmer Luke Palmer says:

    I absolutely loved Souls of Darkness It was like revisiting my childhood as an adult, eerily familiar, however a completely unique experience, just as hilarious and terrifying as childhood tends to be I really enjoyed all the cameos and nods to

  3. Jacob Strohmaier Jacob Strohmaier says:

    Souls of Darkness is a great quick, fun, and funny book I laughed out load several times and have quoted several lines from the book to my friends I highly recommend anyone a fan of Dark Souls, World of Nintendo books, or someone just looking for a ligh

  4. Axel Bonard Axel Bonard says:

    Even without knowing too much about the Dark Souls series having only played Bloodborne and listened to a handful of Bonfireside Chat episodes I still had tons of fun diving into that super cute little book A real breeze to read,...

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