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Free ↠ Serenity  By Joss Whedon – I didn t even realize this existed until I snatched it up at the library There s some wonderful backmatter in here, and I have to say, reading the script really puts things in a stronger context I did Clears up some points possibly missed in the movie I appreciate the back story of the writing. PDF Epub Serenity Author Joss Whedon Five Hundred Years In The Future, Captain Mal Reynolds And The Crew Of The Transport For Hire Ship Serenity Take On Two New Passengers And Soon Find Themselves In A Crossfire Between An Invincible Military Force And Cannibalistic Savages. This has been an amazing resource for my Firefly podcast Mighty Fine Shindig, as we covered the movie in our last episode MFshindig The visual companion to the movie is excellent I wish it had interviews withpeople than just Joss did I just say that but it has new stuff that is so great to know Did you know Mal and Zoe were in a PoW camp together Did you know this show owns my soul In m An interesting look into the production of Serenity, this book includes the screenplay, interviews with Joss Whedon about the making of the movie, and various insights, factoids, and pre production artwork It gives us a glimpse into how the project came to be the work of developing the characters, transfo The highlight of this book is the interview with Joss Whedon about the journey to making the movie The script itself is interesting for the scenes that didn t make the final movie and the translations of Chinese expressions but it s th A shiny in depth look at the production of Serenity the movie There s even a screenplay complete with storyboards for some scenes Lots of photographs and screenshots in full color Oh and an interview with Joss Whedon himself Tons of insights and facts about the movie Must have for any Firefly fan. More pictures at erenity Official Visual Companion is like the director s commentary that goes on DVD In this book, it s an in depth interview with director Joss Whedon on the world of Serenity.Joss Whedon talks about everything inside and outside of the movie He talks about his inspiration, writing style, favourite scenes, Firefly of course and its world, challenges, casting and all the other usual things you find in a making of book.The 40 pages of I love Serenity and Firefly , so I loved this book It features 30 pages of an interview with creator Joss Whedon, plus several of his insightful pre production memos to various departments lighting, m

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