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[KINDLE] ❆ The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke ❤ Mark Chadbourn – Plummovies.info In The Tate Gallery In London Hangs A Mysterious Painting That Captures The Hearts And Souls Of Everyone Who Sees It It Emerged From The Disturbed Mind Of An Artist Consigned To The Infamous Lunatic Asylum Bedlam After He Slaughtered His Father Mystical, Disconcerting, Enthralling, It Purports To Be A Vista On To Fairyland Itself In Every Aspect, The Fairy Feller S Master Stroke Is An EnigmaBut For Danny It Is A Key Life And Death, Magic And Wonder, Hope And SalvationA Child Prodigy, Danny Has Been Obsessed With The Painting All His Life Somewhere Deep Within It Is The Answer To A Mystery That Possessed His Mother Before Him Answer She May Well Have UncoveredAnd So Danny Sets Out On A Quest Into The Life Of The Brilliant Tortured Artist Richard Dadd By Following In His Footsteps To Egypt, Where Dadd First Went Insane, Danny Risks Madness Itself But The Prize Is Worth ItIs The Fairy Feller S Master Stroke Really A Gateway To The Wondrous Land Of Faerie That Has Haunted Mankind S Dreams For Centuries Or Is It Something Much, Much Darker

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  1. Williwaw Williwaw says:

    This novella is written as a first person confessional The narrator, Danny, describes how he grew up as an unusually precocious lad, sailed through college and instead

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I ordered this book because Neil Gaiman posted the introduction he wrote for this book in his blog, and I was intrigued The Fairy Feller s Master Stroke by Mark Chadbour

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