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☂ Desolation PDF / Epub ✐ Author Mark D.  Campbell – Plummovies.info A Year Has Passed Since The Biological Agent Dubbed PT Ravaged The United States Of America The Tide Of Undeath Caused By The Outbreak Has Receded, And What Remains Of Society Has Splintered Between Those Living In FEMA Camps And Those Risking Life In A World Without Walls Jerri Is One Young Woman Living In Such A Camp, Aged Beyond Her Years By What She Witnessed During The Viral Apocalypse And What Life In The Camps Has Become Here In This Desolate New World, Both Her Ethics And Her Will To Survive Will Be Tested By The Living, The Dead, The Camp And Beyond

10 thoughts on “Desolation

  1. Tammy K. Tammy K. says:

    First things first, I got a free copy of this book from the author via Goodreads, in exchange for a fair and honest review I do not know the author personally I was free to give this book any rating review that I felt appropriate I give this story 4.5 stars deducting

  2. Randy Harmelink Randy Harmelink says:

    A well written story about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse Unfortunately, I never really got involved in the story I think because I never really cared about the main character s I also didn t find the ending satisfying at all It just didn t seem plausible within the cont

  3. Dawn Dawn says:

    Good plot idea, but I couldn t get past the thoroughly unlikeable main character the HORRIBLE editing I only finished it out of spite, as the editing actually got WORSE at the end example excoriating instead of excruciating THREE TIMES toward the end of the book Save your time sanity sk

  4. nature4life nature4life says:

    darker better than the first one IMO darker better than the first one IMO

  5. Louisa Louisa says:

    After the disappointment of its predecessor, Degeneration, Desolation proved to be a pleasant improvement The writing style isdefined and while editing issues remain, they are at least fewer in number The plot itself I found to be engaging, drawing me in and at times making my flesh crawl in a genre approp

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