10 thoughts on “A Rope of Sand

  1. Kelsi Kelsi says:

    This was a coming of age story, set in the 1950s, about a young college girl named Kate She starts out extremely innocent and throughout the book she learns about humanity with an emphasis on men She starts out a sheltered girl from Kansas who gets the opportunity to travel to Europe with a group of girls from her college One of the girls, Olivia, has a brother, Hugo,

  2. Judith Yeabsley Judith Yeabsley says:

    A well written read that has a few plot twists and delivers an unexpected punch in terms of characters, story and moral discussion I really enjoyed this and was pleasantly surprised at how pacy it was.

  3. Jane Jane says:

    A haunting tale of what happens to a group of college girls traveling to Europe in the 1950s innocence lost in a very gripping tale.

  4. ChingyPingy ChingyPingy says:

    I really like old fashioned novels and this was definitely old fashioned set in the US, Europe and Egypt in the 1950 s with plenty of suspense and intrigue.

  5. Nicki Nicki says:

    I really thought I was going to enjoy this book, but it wasn t fast enough for me It annoyed me a bit too so I gave up.

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