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Dangerous Times: The First Nathan Fox Mission PDF · Sir Francis Walsingham, England s spymaster general, has eyes and ears all over the world His secret service protects Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth and ensures the might of all of England Now he has a new recruit Fourteen year old Nathan Fox is an actor in the same company as young Will Shakespeare His life in the theatre has taught him a thing or two about disg

10 thoughts on “Dangerous Times: The First Nathan Fox Mission

  1. Kae Kae says:

    It was great It kept me immersed in the world, it had a good plot and characters you could relate to

  2. Sally906 Sally906 says:

    Fourteen year old Nathan Fox is a young actor and superb acrobat, who lives with his sister in Elizabethan London Recruited by Her Majesty s Spymaster General, Sir Francis Walsingham, Nathan leaves the theatre to start an exciting new life as an undercover agent He is first sent to a school of defence where experts te

  3. Bri Bri says:

    Nathan Fox Dangerous Times is the first in a new historical fiction series for young adults The series opens with an introduction to Nathan Fox, an enterprising young actor in an acting company Highly skilled in acrobatics, in horseback riding, and other skills for the stage, Nathan s recruited by Sir Francis Walsingham, E

  4. Cat Cat says:

    Title Nathan Fox Dangerous TimesAuthor L BrittneyYear 2007ISBN 0031236962XType bookGenre Historical Fiction Adventure ActionLength Pages middle school and upPublisher Studio name Feiwel FriendsPlot This story is about Nathan Fox, a young boy who is part of an acting troupe in the Victorian era Sir Francis Walsingham, England s

  5. Kerri Kerri says:

    A great blend of historical fiction and alternate Shakespeare Nathan is a spy during the time when Queen Elizabeth has just beheaded Queen Mary of Scots and Spain is really mad Nathan is paired up with another spy who needs to go to Venice to try and get them to come into an alliance with England against Spain Who should they meet i

  6. Claire Claire says:

    Clever book Set amidst Burbage s theater with young Will Shakespeare and the intrigue of Elizabethan England with European politics a young actor, Nathan Fox is recruited to spy for Queen and country Talented and sharp we follow Nathan s training and his first mission He is to go with Othello to secure Crete for the Venetians, a ploy to

  7. Heather Heather says:

    Really quite clever Nathan is in the same acting company as a young man named Will Shakespeare When Nathan is recruited as a spy for England, he promises to bring back the story of his adventures to Will And it doesn t take long before the characters become familiar Othello, Desdemona, Iago, etc What we get here is the story of Othello woven

  8. K.C. Rivers K.C. Rivers says:

    A cute story about a boy who is trained to become a spy for the Queen of England After growing up in the theater, he seems a natural for the task that awaits him This particular adventure tells of his time spent with General Othello, a tale he later relates to his good friend, William Shakespeare Altogether a fun read and a good way to get teenage

  9. Briton Briton says:

    Let me first say, i enjoyed this book greatly An adventure story, going from one situation to the next and yet still all connected I like to compare Nathan Fox to something like Artemis Fowl, at least the style of writing The details and the drops of humor in situations, and good series moments, both series seem to have it.

  10. Kristen Kristen says:

    Great adventure book set in Will Shakespeare s time, where a young actor is recruited to spy for England He travels to France with another spy and encounters the adventures that parallel to the tale of Othello Will definitely be reading the next one.

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