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➲ No Guarantees  Read ➺ Author Robyn Donald – Plummovies.info Read No Guarantees Author Robyn Donald Jobs In Kingston.co.uk It Was Hard To Keep A Distance Between ThemBecause Her Late Husband Had Made No Secret Of His Hatred For Quinn Fraser, Camilla Had Tried To Keep Away From The Man.But Quinn Fraser Was An Arrogant, Superior Aristocrat Not The Sort To Respond To That Sort Of Treatment He Was Used To Taking What He Wanted And It Appeared He Wanted Camilla.However Hard She Fought The Attraction Between Them, She Knew That The End Result Was Inevitable Perhaps She Should Just Give In And Save Herself The Struggle..

10 thoughts on “No Guarantees

  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Re No Guarantees This is one of Robyn Donald s milder H s He is extremely intense, but since he has been in love with the widowed 22 yr old h for yonks, he isfocused on getting a in w

  2. EeeJay EeeJay says:

    It s a very sad story from certain aspects the hero has been is in love with the heroine and is sure that she loves him too although she doesn t realize it there s just one small glitch she s already married.Camilla thinks she s really plain and is desperate to make ends

  3. seton seton says:

    Scintillating If the day to day drudgery of an overworked farmer in New Zealand the heroine floats your boat I did a double take at the publishing year 1990 because it was so dry that it could have been mistaken for a book from the 1950s.Grade C

  4. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    The title really sums up the plight of anyone tying their fate to farming This seems an unusual theme for an HP, but here it is The heroine is trapped on a piece of land that she inherited from her uncle She married at 18 to the boy next door who had always dreamed up being a farmer Now sa

  5. Leona Leona says:

    I found this to be a bit too dry for my tastes with all the same fears and issues surfacing almost on every other page Though the heroine was physically strong, emotionally she was a train wreck that allowed...

  6. Roub Roub says:

    this was a pretty good one actually though heroine was pathetic she had so many inferiority complexes and to top it, she led a pathetic life thank god, karen came on the scene at least then, camilla realised what she was missing her ex, dave, was a sorry excuse for a husband but she never came to dat realis

  7. Su Su says:

    Good plot but execution is lacking.

  8. MissKitty MissKitty says:

    I read this a long time ago and its always been one of my favorites The hero is very unlike the usual cruel H of Robyn Donald This hero is very protective and caring over the heroine.The heroine is a young widow who can barely get by but constantly refuses help from the H who is her nearest neighbor We find out in the back s

  9. Maria Maria says:

    I honestly didn t like it Too dry, too dumb for my taste As other readers stated, I thought I was reading a book from the 40s or 50s.

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