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[ Reading ] ➾ Invisible Monsters Author Chuck Palahniuk – Plummovies.info She S A Catwalk Model Who Has Everything A Boyfriend, A Career, A Loyal Best Friend But When A Sudden Motor Accident Leaves Her Disfigured And Incapable Of Speech, She Goes From Being The Beautiful Centre Of Attention To Being An Invisible Monster, So Hideous That No One Will Acknowledge She ExistsEnter Brandy Alexander, Queen Supreme, One Operation Away From Being A Real Woman, Who Will Teach Her That Reinventing Yourself Means Erasing Your Past And Making Up Something Better, And That Salvation Hides In The Last Place You Ll Ever Want To LookThe Narrator Must Exact Revenge Upon Evie, Her Best Friend And Fellow Model Kidnap Manus, Her Two Timing Ex Boyfriend And Hit The Road With Brandy In Search Of A Brand New Past, Present And Future

10 thoughts on “Invisible Monsters

  1. Jason Jason says:

    Quite possibly the most fucked up piece of literature I ve ever read, this novel is a brilliantly executed train wreck from beginning to end.

  2. Ash Ash says:

    It made me want to blow my own jaw offbut in a good way.

  3. Sara Sara says:

    Check the shelf I put this on Now you re ready This book is insane There s something on practically every page that makes you say, What the % You ll keep reading anyway, though, and you ll love it The book s like a really hard core Swedish massage It hurts SOOOOO good The story is essentially about beauty who values it, what it means, how it can be good, and how it can be a horror Not only do the characters suff

  4. B Haze B Haze says:

    I have a theory about Chuck Palahniuk books.If somebody is starting to read Chuck Palahniuk for the first timethe first book they read of his will always be their favorite I have found that to be the case with many people I really enjoyed Invisible Monsters and it was the first Chuck Palahniuk book I read It was such a new approach to writing that I had never seen before, and I found myself really engrossed and mov

  5. Erica Erica says:

    I m too old for this stuff Shocking doesn t do it for me alone, and he works SO VERY HARD at being vulgar and violent and crass Don t get me wrong those are three things that can make for a great story But it was so unrelenting and contrived, and not as funny as it was supposed to be There were some clever turns of phrase, and it wasn t entirely unenjoyable, but I was not really impressed.

  6. Derrick Derrick says:

    It very seriously makes me sad that there are people that haven t read Invisible Monsters Invisible Monsters is the most amazing work of art I have ever experienced and reading it for the 3rd time was the best decision I have made this summer Of course, this is the remix version, so it was different than the original Invisible Monsters but mainly just in the formatting and some added chapters If you haven t read Invisibl

  7. Chris_P Chris_P says:

    Jump to me reviewing Palahniuk s Invisible Monsters If mindfuck was a genre, this would be one of its most characteristic works Palahniuk states at the introduction that it won t be linear, the story won t be in the form of and then and then and then So what he does is at the end of each chapter he tells you to please, jump to this or that chapter It was a first for me having only a vague idea of my progress in a book.As fo

  8. Ashley Daviau Ashley Daviau says:

    This is, and always will be, one of my favourite Palahniuk books Something about it just grabs me by the throat, punches me in the throat and leaves me breathless I love how truly fucked up and twisted this story is, no one does fucked up and twisted quite like Chuck does It s been years since I ve read this book so I had forgotten most of the story and it was like I was reading it again for the first time and it reminded me w

  9. Cassie-la Cassie-la says:

    REVIEW ALSO ON ve all seen extended edition and director s cuts of movies, but this is the first time I have ever come across an author s cut of a book With this hardcover release of Chuck Palahniuk s third published novel but his first in terms of writing , he took the opportunity to change the linear format that was originally published in 1999 and release it the way he initially envisioned it The intention was to give the read

  10. Crystal Crystal says:

    It was a long time ago I read the original version so I can t say for sure on what was added material Again I feel like I lost out on some of the experience by going audiobook instead of physical bookin the audiobook it would have you switch to a different disc and track where I m assuming the paper book would have had you go to a different page I did like the almost wandering feeling of not knowing how far through the book I was.As

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