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!!> PDF / Epub ✈ A Wedding at the Italians Demand  ⚣ Author Kim Lawrence – Plummovies.info 2.5 stars.OK read.Angsty read tortured H with emotional scars that make him cold ruthless for most of the book.Heroine is deceived to get into a fake engagement in order for the H to get guardianship of a little child family s honor and so on.The pretense becomes real the end. Emotional, enjoyable and sweet at times The H wasn t as bad as he first appeared He was arrogant and a bit harsh But he was dealing with the fact that his brother died a month earlier and he didn t know And with his grandfather s illness The h was sassy and had some real zingers for the H She had her hands full adjusting to being a mom to her baby nephew after the death of his parents, when the H showed up on her doorstep with his own plans to take the baby from her The part that affected me the most was grandfather I wanted to read this book first from this months HP because it is Kim Lawrence Sadly, this book wasn t as good as her other works It s slow and takes it own sweet time There are pages of narration at the start and it is kind of boring to read.The main characters are likable a A good marriage of Convenience read , the H was so cold but not the cold Ruthless type which I love No he was cold as a cucumber , liked the h she was sweet and lovely , my favorite part was the epilogue because the h got Pregnant a miracle baby in spite of being told she can t have children Love it A wonderful passionate but emotional read. Coraz n En Deuda Versi n Reading A Wedding At The Italians Demand By Kim Lawrence Viagraonl1ne.us Come Back To Italy With Me As My Fianc E Ivo Greco Is Determined To Claim His Orphaned Nephew The Infant Who Will Inherit The Greco Fortune To Do So, He Needs To Convince The Baby S Legal Guardian, Fiery Flora Henderson, To Wear His Ring But Whisking Flora To Tuscany As His Fake Fianc E Comes With A Complication Their Undeniable Chemistry A Permanent Marriage Was Never In The Cards For Coolheaded Ivo Until Now Escape To Italy With This Engagement Of Convenience

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