Pyspark SQL Recipes: With Hiveql, Dataframe and

Pyspark SQL Recipes: With Hiveql, Dataframe and Carry out data analysis with PySpark SQL, graphframes, and graph data processing using a problem solution approach This book provides solutions to problems related to dataframes, data manipulation summarization, and exploratory analysis You will improve your skills in graph data analysis using graphframes and see how to optimize your PySpark SQL code PySpark SQL Recipes starts with recipes on creating dataframes from different types of data source, data aggregation and summarization, and exploratory data analysis using PySpark SQL You ll also discover how to solve problems in graph analysis using graphframesOn completing this book, you ll have ready made code for all your PySpark SQL tasks, including creating dataframes using data from different file formats as well as from SQL or NoSQL databasesWhat You Will LearnUnderstand PySpark SQL and its advanced featuresUse SQL and HiveQL with PySpark SQLWork with structured streamingOptimize PySpark SQL Master graphframes and graph processingWho This Book Is ForData scientists, Python programmers, and SQL programmers

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