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!!> Download ➾ Silence of Winter (Cromwell Chronicles, #1)  ➹ Author Avery Blake – Plummovies.info Normal Is Overrated At Least That S What Oliver Cromwell Tells Himself When He S Being Bullied For Being Different He S A Lover Of All Things Paranormal, And When His Nose Isn T Shoved Into His Sketchpad, Drawing Haunted Houses And Monsters, He And His Best Friend Bailey Hang Out In Abandoned Buildings And Take Long Very Non Romantic Walks Through Graveyards Looking For Ghosts.Everything Changes When They Actually Find One.Freaked Out Because He Seems To Be A Sudden Ghost Magnet, Oliver Befriends Mrs Glass, A Psychic Who Lives In The Victorian Manor At The End Of His Street With Her Help, He Discovers His Special Bloodline And Uncovers Abilities That Allow Him To Begin Helping The Ghosts Move On As If Being Sixteen Wasn T Already Complicated.When Oliver Meets Victor, The Charming And Mysterious Boy Who Lives With Mrs Glass, He Finds Himself Falling And Falling Hard Chasing Ghosts Is A Lot Less Nerve Wracking Than Falling In Love, Though, Especially When The Person You Fall For Has Secrets Of Their Own.The Sleepy Town Of Iris Hollow Has Plenty Of Spooky Legends And History That Entices Tourists From All Over And Oliver Is About To Find Himself In The Center Of It All This Is A Young Adult Paranormal LGBT Story With Magic, Ghosts, And Heartwarming Romance Guaranteed To Make You Smile, Laugh, And Maybe Sleep With The Light On.Trigger Warning This Story Contains Material That May Be Sensitive To Some Readers, Including Bullying And Self Harm.

10 thoughts on “Silence of Winter (Cromwell Chronicles, #1)

  1. Claudia Claudia says:

    ohhh Wow This book left me speechlessI can t say enough how much in love I am of Victor and Ollie these two brave and hurting young guys have seen and going thru than they deserveThis awesome book by Avery Blake will make you fall head over hills by these two young boys with old soulsVictor was lost until he met Oliver Oliver was totally thrilled by the mysterious boy he met one night he couldn t take Victor out of his head so when he sa

  2. abi abi says:

    hello, yes, i need shadow of night right now immediately please this isn t a perfect book but it s absolutely fascinating and i couldn t put it down i m so intrigued by the entire premise content warnings suicide references, death references, violence me when victor is introduced this boy v...

  3. Janeylou Janeylou says:

    4.5 stars

  4. Karen BookAddict Karen BookAddict says:

    Gros coup de coeur pourvu que la suite vienne bient t

  5. Elise Blackburn Elise Blackburn says:

    They say to never judge a book by its cover, and this book is the prime example The raven art is serious and beautiful, of which this book is neither This novel can be described as a coming of age story with a hint of the supernatural The two biggest issues with this description and the book as a whole are that none of the characters grow or change over the course of the novel, and there is no real suspense or fear in the paranormal elements Even tho

  6. Molli B. Molli B. says:

    I had a lot of time for this book in the beginning The writing is a bit clunky as is the editing but it reads like an author s first book, and those are not always perfect So that s okay And the subject is interesting paranormal YA Bring it on My patience ran out in the final third At some point the story lost a lot of its steam steam meaning momentum in this case, not sexy steam, of which there is none There was a lot of driving force in the first part

  7. Diana Diana says:

    I am a sucker for YA boys love if it s fantasy paranormal speculative fiction, which is what drew me to this It was so achingly sweet and filled with emotion like, the main character is an empath, but besides that The first few pages felt slightly sparse, with telling than showing, but then I just sunk into it and it was a great writing style to me, first person with pluck and depth.I have read lgbtq fantasy that I didn t like, even though I really wanted

  8. Ghoulsted Ghoulsted says:

    Before reading this book I knew that it was the debut novel of an up and coming author so from that perspective I was prepared to lean towards a forgiving standpoint On that note I can wholeheartedly say that Silence of Winter is a wonderfully imperfect beginning to the Cromwell Chronicles As expected the pacing and characterization were a bit rough around the edges The editing itself also often left me feeling as if I was reading a Wattpad novella with all

  9. Angie Angie says:

    Paranormal YA MM Romance4 stars This book is a true journey from start to the To Be ContinuedWe meet Oliver, a weird teenage outcast who likes ghost hunting with his friend Bailey He has a discovery that leads him to Ms Glass who helps him figure out what he is Oliver feels a connection to Victor but soon finds Victor might not be all he seems Oliver has decisions to make and must stay in the light for the sake of the world No pressure, right What I liked was th

  10. Karen Karen says:

    Loved this I really enjoy reading a good YA story now and again, and this one certainly fit the bill The characters are simply amazing Not just Oliver and Victor, but also the friends they make along the way I always love when we get that unlikely group of friends banding together to take up the good fight Can t wait to see what s in store next I loved the eerie vibe that doesn t let up throughout the book and the road of discovery we go on with the characters The

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