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Halo PDF/EPUB µ Kindle Edition Massive world tours Over a hundred million albums sold Groupies galore Every day is a party for Viper and the guys of TBD, the biggest rock band in the world But it all comes to a screeching halt when the lead singer walks out of the studio one day and never comes back Ear blistering vocals Butchered lyrics Fame chasers After months of lackluster auditions, Viper, the lead guitarist and resident bad boy of the group, is ready to find solace in the bottom of a bottle Time s running out and the pressure s on to find a new singer, but it isn t until an angel walks through the door that the band s prayers are answered Charismatic Talented Magic behind the mic Halo is everything they ve been looking for With a voice to match his stunning good looks, it isn t long before Viper s taking notice But there are several reasons this is a bad ideaInterpersonal relationships in the band are discouragedViper has already broken rulebig mistakeHalo is straight Too bad Viper s body isn t listening to his head at least not the one on his shoulders But you can t fake chemistry, not onstage and certainly not off it, and Viper and Halo They have it in spades As both men try to resist the fire blazing between them, and the band is forced to reinvent themselves, it ll be a complicated rise back to the top But from the ashes of what was, something beautiful is born Something better And when the world finally sees Halo stretch his wings, they ll discover what it s like to fall for an angel BOOK ONE OF THE FALLEN ANGEL SERIES A ROCK ROMANCE

10 thoughts on “Halo

  1. Judith Judith says:

    No rating.DNF 23%This bored me,quite frankly.Not even Halo and his long hair was enough to carry on here.No one loves an arrogant assholethan me but I really disliked Viper.And there was something about the way he pursued Halo that left me feeling uncomfortable.Halo I m straight,I like girlsViper I honestly don t care.I want you and I m hot in fact everyone wants me because I

  2. Wendy Wendy says:

    This book came at a perfect time for me It was exactly what I needed I, like so many am a huge fan of the Temptation series and this book did kind of remind of Logan and Tate This time we get rockstars though, a trope I really love We even get double the fun, because it s two rockstars falling for each other I started reading this book and I just couldn t stop and put it down I hav

  3. Shile Shile says:

    2.75 stars Nothing special, been there, done all this with Logan and Tate And no couple can match them It is all insta everything Viper came off as creepy in the beginning a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen but at least it wasn t dragged out Halo was just ok, but he made the straight guy turn gay trope unbelievable Viper and Halo as the main MCs were not that interesting I fou

  4. Jan Jan says:

    3.80 Stars Halo was perfect in that free angst sense type of story The story flows smoothly in fact, it waslike I don t want to put this down way.No drama, just a plot 100% focused on rock style life that got me right there with them There were quite a few things that were appealing to me 1 The age gap of 10 years to start with, 2 The fact that we get inside of both heads, dual POV.3 The older

  5. Eugenia Eugenia says:

    Flat and Uninspired Characters.I expected a lotfrom this pair of writers What I got was this I m joining the band, OMG it s ViperViperViperI want your acceptance, ViperAngel, you re so beautiful Angel, I want to do things to youI m straight, Viper, but you re so hotDamn right I m hotYou make me hard, AngelConstantlyThis song says how hard you make meI wrote a song, tooLet s work on it together Make

  6. Fabi Fabi says:

    I wasn t expecting to love this story as much as I did In fact, I almost didn t read it because many of my GR friends didn t love it But thanks to a scheduled Buddy Read with Turning Pages at Midnight I gave it a chance I am so happy I did I love rock star and other music related tropes I also love the gfy trope This story combines them in the most delicious way The chemistry between Halo and Viper combin

  7. Meags Meags says:

    3.5 StarsHalo was a very promising start to this sizzling rock n roll themed M M series, by dynamic duo Frank and Blaine.When Halo auditions to be the new front man for rock sensations TBD, he doesn t actually think it will result in the band loving his voice and vibe and asking him to join them permanently, but that s exactly what happens and Halo couldn t bethrilled He s excited to make music with these legen

  8. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    NOW LIVEUSUKHoly Sexual Tension, Batman Viper and Halo lit up my pages in this book and I m obsessed with the both of them Halo was thequiet, shy one of the two but there was always that spark of something wayheated hidden in his curiosity that I loved getting to see Viper, however, never hid that he wanted Halo and his advances had me fanning myself I was one big ball of anticipation because I just knew that the ten

  9. Monique Monique says:

    4,5Rock star godsstarsWith you, I lose my mind With you, I lose control You ve gotten inside of me To the darkest parts of my soulThat Was So Bloody Hot I mean, seriously Like a danger of the global warming kind of hot If you re looking for an emotional, meaningful and inspirational love story, then that s not the book for you But if you re here for the smoking hot good looking lead guitarist with a dirty mouth and even di

  10. *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time *J* Too Many Books Too Little Time says:

    3.5 Stars I prefer Ella Frank to Brooke Blaine, if I m being completely honest This one didn t wow me, but I did like it.Not a ton happened in this one, as once again this will be a continuing series Kind of frustrating I can appreciate the slow build but not having to wait until book 3 or 4 to get the official HEA No cliffy ending, but it also didn t end with Halo and Viper doing anythan hooking up I can, and do, appreciate the

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