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!!> Ebook ➨ Hide Away (Rachel Marin Thriller #1)  ➩ Author Jason Pinter – Plummovies.info From The Bestselling Author Of The Henry Parker Series Comes A Page Turning Thriller About A Vigilante Who S Desperate To Protect Her Secrets And Bring A Killer To Justice On The Surface, Rachel Marin Is An Ordinary Single Mother On The Inside, She S A Fierce, Brilliant Vigilante After An Unspeakable Crime Shatters Her Life, She Changes Her Identity And Moves To A Small Town In Illinois, Hoping To Spare Her Children From Further Trauma Or Worse But Crime Follows Her EverywhereWhen The Former Mayor Winds Up Dead, Rachel Can T Help But Get Involved Where Local Detectives See Suicide, She Sees Murder They Resent Her For Butting In Especially Since She S Always One Step Ahead But Her Investigative Genius May Be Her Undoing The Deeper She Digs, The Harder It Is To Keep Her Own Secrets BuriedHer Persistence Makes Her The Target Of Both The Cops And A Killer Meanwhile, The Terrifying Truth About Her Past Threatens To Come To Light, And Rachel Learns The Hard Way That She Can T Trust Anyone Surrounded By Danger, She Must Keep Her Steely Resolve, Protect Her Family, And Stay One Step Ahead, Or Else She May Become The Next Victim In this book the author introduces another potential series character, Rachel Marin The story opens with a warm domestic scene of a young woman making dinner for her husband and two kids when a shattering but undescribed event unfolds, which appears to be the death of her husband The book moves forward seven years, and single mum Rachel has moved to another state to try and restart her and her young families life When a mugger jumps her as she s walking home from work, she leaves him bleeding in the street and hurries home to her bookish son and daughter It appears early on after what happened to her husband her aim is to keep her kids safe at any cost This later leads to Rachel getting into all sorts of trouble when she sees a news report about a body found on the ice beneath a nearby bridge The cops assigned to the case, detectives John Serrano and Leslie Tally, are shocked to discover the body is that of the town s disgraced former mayor, Constance Wright They re even shocked when Rachel, sends Serrano a message that the death was no suicide Constance Wright was murdered This leads to Rachel getting herself involved in the murder investigation, frustrating the cops involved in the case The story involves a complex plot, but well worth a read I also enjoyed the characters, especially Rachel and the cop Serrano who is fighting his own demons The one issue I have with this book was the number of subplots and you don t learn Rachel s backstory with her husband until near the end of the book. Hide Away is the first installment in Jason Pinter s new Rachel Marin Thrillers The opening segue of the series is an edgy page turner that revolves around one woman s quest to keep her children safe and to ensure justice is served This is vigilante literature at its finest Mystery cloaks Rachel Marin and her children A horrific crime shattered their lives seven years ago, and now the single mother lives in hiding with her emotionally wounded son and precocious daughter When a disgraced woman is found dead on an icy river, first appearances point toward a suicide But Rachel knows differently and, much to the chagrin of Detectives John Serrano and Leslie Tally, sets out to prove the woman was murdered Pinter has crafted a tautly paced procedural with this tale The mystery both that of the murdered woman and of Rachel s past is unraveled with Sherlockian panache The writing style is crisp and unadorned, and Rachel is a character readers can easily invest in The deep bond of motherhood is evident on the page, as is Rachel s penchant for and obsession with solving crimes She is clever, though perhaps just a bit too clever on occasion, and driven by a promise to protect those who cannot protect themselves The rest of the cast of characters have enough depth to satisfy the characters motivations without being a detailed character study.The strength of Pinter s story lies in the portrayal of the protagonist s emotional struggle to balance the risk she brings to her children with her crime fighting compulsion This is a dark, twisted mystery filled with surprising twists and evocative emotion Hide Away is an engrossing start to a new series Highly recommended for fans of strong female protagonists, murder mysteries, and stories of vigilante justice Many thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Some people don t know when to leave well enough alone Right This is one of those situations in which a single mom finds herself a target after a former mayor is killed and she s in hiding from her past trauma.Could this be a case of a jilted lover Perhaps affairs aren t the greatest way to showcase affection and perhaps money is the root of all evilJust sayin Well what can I say other than it was a quick read with plenty of twists and turns.Thank you to Jason, the publisher, NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for this honest review. Sometimes behind the kindest eyes lay the darkest hearts Seven years ago Olivia Powell and her children devastated and life would never be the same again.Rachel Marin and her two children have changed their identities and moved to the small town of Ashby, Illinois Rachel has spent the last seven years preparing herself so no one will ever hurt her or her children again.Then one day, as she tries to live a quiet, unassuming life, she sees that a friend of hers is dead the ex mayor of their small town While the police see suicide, Rachel sees murder.I ve enjoyed author Pinter s books in the past and this is a winner and the start of a new series featuring Rachel In the past seven years she has trained vigorously and has become a part time vigilante.This was an exciting story, sad but fulfilling I liked the characters not just Rachel but the two detectives she becomes acquainted with There are twists I didn t see coming until almost the end of the book I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for book two in the series.I received this book from Thomas Mercer through Net Galley in the hopes that I would read it and leave an unbiased review.

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