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!!> Download ➹ The Tear Collector ➾ Author Shawn Burgess – Plummovies.info When A Young Autistic Girl Goes Missing In The Small Appalachian Town Of Harper Pass, Brooks Raker And His Friends Are Inadvertently Drawn Into The Police Investigation As The Town Suffers A Mysterious Death, Kids Disappear And The Boys Experience A Series Of Unsettling Phenomena It Becomes Clear That The Fate Of Their Missing Classmate, Margo Combs, Pales In Comparison To What Lies In Wait In The Margins Of The TownBetween Avoiding The Bullies Who Are Stalking Them, And Running From The Encroaching Lethal Darkness, The Walls Are Closing In Around Brooks And His Friends They Soon Realize Their Fates Are Inextricably Bound, And If They Have Any Hope Of Surviving, They Must Unravel The Dark Secrets Of Harper Pass Before Those Secrets Can Devour Them

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  1. Katelyn Katelyn says:

    The mystery of Grief Hallow consumes you from the very beginning and takes you on a chilling, suspenseful ride with Brooks and his friends as they try to figure out what is plaguing the quaint town of Harper Pass Thrillers and mysteries are my favorite genres and The Tear Collector, Shawn Burgess debut novel, did not disappoint All the twists and turns throughout the story many of them leaving me with my heart racing and my mouth ajar kept m

  2. Cassondra Windwalker Cassondra Windwalker says:

    Readers of Shawn Burgess s online work have been eagerly awaiting the release of The Tear Collector, and they will not be disappointed Technically in the horror genre, The Tear Collector is muchthan a tale of terror and gore although I definitely recommend reading it in the daylight hours Deft prose combined with thrilling, pell mell action carry the reader page to page, wild anticipation stronger than the undeniable dread A band of young boys, brou

  3. Skip Schmidt Skip Schmidt says:

    In a preface to Robert Burns poem, Tam O Shanter, Gawin Douglas wrote Of Brownyis and of Bogillis full is this Buke For his thrilling debut horror novel, The Tear Collector, Shawn Burgess brings forth a Bogeyman to end all Bogeymen and does so in as exciting and well crafted a manner as is possible At the same time as a local autistic girl, Margo Combs, is discovered to have gone missing in the woods around the small town of Harper s Pass, her classmate, Br

  4. Amber Amber says:

    Let s just say I pretty much neglected my family and work while reading this book as I could not put it down I don t typically read this genre as I m too much of a scaredy cat but I was hooked in the first few chapters After the first night I did have to stop reading it before falling asleep Grief Hollow had a way of creeping into my dreams.The well developed characters and intriguing plot kept me on the edge of my seat I couldn t wait to see how everything would t

  5. Shauna Shauna says:

    Shawn Burgess is an author to watch If his next works are anything like his debut novel, The Tear Collector, he ll be on a big time roll I enjoyed the smart storytelling, and the ease at which Burgess was able to travel between narrator, adults, and the youth in the story It felt much like Stephen King s talent for voicing all ages.I appreciated the work Burgess put into defining characters Each had a uniqueness, adding strength to the cast, as a whole The story kept me fr

  6. Wyatt Wyatt says:

    The Tear Collector is a fast paced horror thriller that captured me in a number of ways, many of them unexpected.The book s opening sequence is not only heartbreaking, but also introduces the mystery surrounding Harper Pass The following chapters then introduce the reader to Brooks and the gang, who are the focus of the story.A group of boys drawn into the horrifying secrets of a town is nothing new to the horror genre, but Burgess handles the talewith skill Brooks and his friends

  7. Sezgi Yurdalan Sezgi Yurdalan says:

    The Tear Collector is the first debut novel of Shawn Burgess an upcoming speculative mystery author The plot of the book is really succesful It seems like a coherent mix of Stranger Things, mad scientist and other various mystery and science fiction stories and archetypes that we all know and love, with of course the author s original and distinctive narrative style So far, the plot is as coherent as it can be, no gaping holes or inconsistencies to draw the reader away from the story Rath

  8. Dawn Hosmer Dawn Hosmer says:

    I had the privilege of reading an Advanced Reader Copy of Shawn Burgess debut novel, The Tear Collector This book had everything a reader could possibly want an intriguing well developed cast of characters, evocative prose, a suspenseful plot, so many twists turns, and loads of delightful creepiness The story centers around the town of Harper Pass and talks about the mysterious happenings in the area, specifically Grief Hollow Shawn s description is so on point that most of the I had the privileg

  9. Kalah McLaughlin Kalah McLaughlin says:

    Shawn Burgess kindly allowed me to read an Advanced Reader Copy of his debut The Tear Collector is fast paced and filled with tension The story reminded me of Stranger Things, in that it revolves around a group of young friends battling a messed up kind of evil in their town, but don t let that comparison steer you into thinking you ve heard this story before Burgess is a mastermind with his prose, character development, and dark creativity You ll become attached to the protagonist and his g Shawn Burges

  10. Kathleen Gauton Kathleen Gauton says:

    Shawn Burgess debut novel The Tear Collector is a high stakes adventure about a band of friends thrown into the deep end of a supernatural conspiracy that challenges everything they thought they knew The story was fast paced, gripping, and at times horrifically chilling The characters are believable, likable, and Burgess deft use of description and dialogue draw you into the psychology of each and weaves an intricate web of their inner fears and hard fought courage Any fan of Stranger Thi Shawn Burgess debut nov

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