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[PDF / Epub] ☂ Understanding the Book of Mormon  Author Ross Anderson – Plummovies.info Mormons, Or Members Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Form A Growing Population In Both Numbers And Influence Yet Few People Have Than A Passing Knowledge Of The Document That Defines And Drives This Important Movement The Book Of Mormon A Former Mormon And An Adult Convert To Christianity, Author Ross Anderson Provides A Clear Summary Of The Book Of Mormon Including Its History, Teachings, And Unique Features Stories From The Author And Other Ex Mormons Illustrate The Use Of Mormon Scripture In The Latter Day Saint Church Anderson Gives Special Attention To How The Book Of Mormon Relates To Christian Beliefs About God, Jesus, And The Bible With Discussion Questions To Facilitate Group Use And A Focus On Providing An Accurate Portrayal Of Mormons Beliefs, Understanding The Book Of Mormon Is An Indispensable Guide For Anyone Wishing To Become Familiar With The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints And Its Most Formative Scripture.

10 thoughts on “Understanding the Book of Mormon

  1. Amandacyphers Amandacyphers says:

    Fair and balanced, no bashing, gave me insight to the beliefs of my close friends and helps me understand them .

  2. Logan Logan says:

    What is the Book of Mormon If you don t know, it is claimed by the LDS church to be a collection of writings and teachings of the ancient prophets and followers of Jesus Christ who lived in th

  3. Bridget Jack Jeffries Bridget Jack Jeffries says:

    As a teenage evangelical Christian encountering the LDS faith for the first time, I frequently found myself frustrated by the antagonistic nature of evangelical literature on Mormonism How I wish

  4. Lisa Cline Lisa Cline says:

    I am very new to this topic and I thought that this book did a wonderful job of teaching the basics It was written by an ex Mormon who is still close to his Mormon family but he is also Pastor and if

  5. Ross Ross says:

    I really like this book because I wrote it

  6. James Cloyd James Cloyd says:

    While I see this as a good, well reasoned, fair critique of Mormonism, the author seems to be unable or unwilling to see how many of his arguments could just as easily be applied to his own Christian faith As

  7. Jessica Meyers Jessica Meyers says:

    I really enjoyed this book as a source from someone who was raised in the LDS church but converted to Christianity The material was presented in a semi two sided fashion The author didn t seem to be shunning Morm

  8. Joel Joel says:

    This is a good, balanced introduction for someone who isn t familiar with the Book of Mormon.

  9. Larksinger Larksinger says:

    This is a fantastic book So greatful there is a generous and kind book that helps christians gain perspective on this other religion.

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