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[Download] ➸ The Spider vs. The Empire State  ➿ Norvell W. Page – Plummovies.info Reading The Spider Vs The Empire State Author Norvell W Page Ivogue.co.uk THEY SAID IT COULDN T HAPPEN HERE THEN THEY SAID ONE MAN COULDN T STOP IT Richard Wentworth Spent His Vigilante Career As The Spider Always In The Shadows Now Evil Acted In Broad Daylight The Party Of Justice Swept Into Office, Rewriting The Laws Of New York State Overnight To Benefit Their Criminal Backers And Make Slaves Of Its People This American Reichstag Gave Itself Sweeping Powers And Raised A Private Army To Exert Its Malevolent Will How Could The Spider Hope To Stop A Criminal Conspiracy As Big As The State Itself This Time The Master Of Men Would Go Beyond Taking The Lives Of Evildoers By Bringing Hope To The Tyrannized Citizens Of The Empire State The Black Police Trilogy Is Author Norvell Page S Classic Pulp Fiction Nazi Allegory From 1938 Originally Published In Three Consecutive Months Of The Spider Magazine, The Novels The City That Paid To Die , The Spider At Bay , And Scourge Of The Black Legions Are Collected In Book Form For The First Time If You Are Interested In Finding Out About This Book, And Seeing Lots Of Extras Check Out The Age Of Aces Web Site At

10 thoughts on “The Spider vs. The Empire State

  1. Michael Michael says:

    The Spider is my favorite pulp character even ahead of Doc Savage and the Shadow.Richard Wentworth is a wealthy playboy Bruce Wayne anyone probablylike Jay Gatsby though He has a butler hmmm , a girlfriend, Nita A servant who is a Sikh resplendent with turban and knife , and a former wrestler as h

  2. Ralph Ralph says:

    THE CLASSIC PULP FICTION NAZI ALLEGORY FROM 1938 Well, that s what the cover blurb says, but for inspiration Norvell Page did not have to look to Berlin, or any of the other foreign lands where despots were on the rise He needed look only as far as the political machines of Chicago or Trenton, to the State

  3. Nick Duretta Nick Duretta says:

    It helps to keep in mind when this was written and for whom The writing is lurid and overwrought, the logic and characterizations not even up to comic book level But this was a Nazi allegory aimed at frightened Americans in the late 1930s, putting forth the caped hero as the agent of death to a fascist, police state

  4. Ralph L Jr. Ralph L Jr. says:

    The Spider Vs The Empire StateThe Spider Vs The Empire state is a true pulp novel set in 1938, in fact it was actually written then as part of the Spider pulp series of books that appeared every month This is actually a compilation novella s it contains all three original monthly novels in one volume The Spider That City That

  5. Mark Drew Mark Drew says:

    The following was the intro to my old Spider web page it isn t story specific but it still covers just about any Spider story ever written just add or minus various degrees of paranoia Mayhem in the streets.The Death of thousands.Rampant Violence Strikes at the Heart of the Country A maniacal laugh from out of the blackness of the darke

  6. Shawn Manning Shawn Manning says:

    This one was a bit different for a Spider story Don t get me wrong, the over the top situations and dialog are present, but the Spider isn t his usual homicidal lunatic self Not that you see much action from the Spider It s mostly Richard Wentworth out in the field The introduction was quite interesting as it puts the story in historical context

  7. Randy Randy says:

    Three novels about a criminal named the Master backing a complete win in state elections and forcing through laws that pardoned prison residents to form a new state police to enforce heavy new taxes and set up concentration camps for these scofflaws that couldn t pay.Richard Wentworth and his friend, Commissioner Stanley Kirkpatrick become leaders of the r

  8. Tim Tim says:

    Gotta love The Spider I ve always considered him the link in the evolution between pulp hero and superhero.The Black Police Trilogy is as good a Spider novel as you re gonna get Filled with pulsing dread it once again features Richard Wentworth a.k.a The Spider beset on all sides by his enemies, ...

  9. Rory Rory says:

    TheI read, the less I liked it The casual racism and all got to me I m not going to fault the book because it s clearly a product of its time, but I can t recommend it to a modern reader.

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