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Read ✓ The Basketball Diaries  By Jim Carroll – The Urban Classic Coming Of Age Story About Sex, Drugs, And Basketball.Jim Carroll Grew Up To Become A Renowned Poet And Punk Rocker But In This Memoir Of The Mid 1960 S, Set During His Coming Of Age From 12 To 15, He Was A Rebellious Teenager Making A Place And A Name For Himself On The Unforgiving Streets Of New York City During These Years, He Chronicled His Experiences, And The Result Is A Diary Of Unparalleled Candor That Conveys His Alternately Hilarious And Terrifying Teenage Existence Here Is Carroll Prowling New York City Playing Basketball, Hustling, Stealing, Getting High, Getting Hooked, And Searching For Something Pure I Met Him In 1970, And Already He Was Pretty Much Universally Recognized As The Best Poet Of His Generation The Work Was Sophisticated And Elegant He Had Beauty Patti Smith

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  1. TK421 TK421 says:

    Before there was a cop on every corner in New York, there were some of the most interesting characters frolicking around, bounding up and down the streets as if they were players in a real life version of a very fucked up Wonderland Pimps and prostitutes and transvestites and junkies and businessmen and children and you name it all blended together and somehow figured out a way to live a somewhat harmonious existence in this concrete jungle T

  2. Lynx Lynx says:

    It s amazing to know Jim Carroll wrote this book when he was age 13 16, not only due to subject matter but for the undeniable talent that seeps through every page With Manhattan as his playground and local junkies, thieves and hooligans as his playmates, Carroll spirals from mild delinquent to full blown addict believing as all addicts first do that where others fail, he has it all under control.Those expecting this to be like the movie beware Ho

  3. RandomAnthony RandomAnthony says:

    The Basketball Diaries reminded me of an after school special look it up, kiddies gone very, very wrong And while I m sure this book attracts adherents because it s real or whatever I can t say the book held much of my interest Maybe The Basketball Diaries is one of those titles that when first published 1978 was considered cautionary and groundbreaking but needs too much license and contextualization in 2011 For example, these passages are supposed

  4. Melki Melki says:

    Sex, drugs and stealing purses WINTER 1964My old lady found a nickel bag of grass in my hiding spot under the rug today and flushed it down the toilet She had a long talk with me and asked me if I was addicted to the stuff I told her it s heroin you get addicted to, not grass, and I think I finally convinced her She was not so convinced that she d give me back the five bucks though, when I asked her for it In fact, I think she got a little angry about it

  5. Carac Allison Carac Allison says:

    William Burroughs and Irvine Welsh wrote my favorite books about junk addiction I love Naked Lunch and I love Trainspotting.I don t think of Jim Carroll when I consider those two writers Because I don t think of Jim Carroll as a writer.I don t think of The Basketball Diaries when I consider those two novels Because The Basketball Diaries isn t fiction.Jim Carroll was a prodigy diarist and The Basketball Diaries is a personal journal of his addiction The powe

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    I don t really remember a thing about this book except that I really did like it at the time that I read it, around age fourteen When the movie came out I cut school and drank some cough syrup or something and went to go see the matinee by myself This was in Leonardo DiCaprio s fleeting, long past early nineties moment of hotness, and in the movie which was bad he looked gorgeous and lanky leaping around on the basketball court in his Catholic schoolboy uniform

  7. F F says:

    One example of the film being better than the book.

  8. Tosh Tosh says:

    In my intensity to read anything regarding the streets of New York City, I picked up this book at Alias East in Atwater Village I have known this book for ages, but for whatever reason I had no interest in reading it The only interest for me is New York The drug part is not interesting to me, but i think anyone from that world or is about to go into that landscape, would probably find this book fascinating To me it reads like a young adult novel, or memoir I would give

  9. E.D. Martin E.D. Martin says:

    This book was insightful, in that it showed us the life of a very troubled kid in 1960 s NYC But what value is that, in that it was mostly his daily activities without any insight into why he did it There was no growth, no reflection No beginning, no end This was a snapshot, not a reflection.

  10. Blake Nelson Blake Nelson says:

    I was so young when I first read this, I didn t know that the word lame was just the normal word lame , like kids used I thought it was a fabric or something I wasn t used to seeing how people actually talked, printed in a BOOK.

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