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Paperback  ✓ Younger eBook µ From Pamela Redmond Satran, the acclaimed author of Babes in Captivity and The Man I Should Have Married, comes a story of inspiration and transformation for the really desperate housewife.She s old enough to be his mother Alice has always looked young for her age, even with her graying hair and her dowdy New Jersey housewife style Make that ex housewife Now that her husband s gone and her daughter is grown, Alice is in desperate need of a whole new life So she lets her best friend Maggie, a hip New York City artist, transform her on New Year s Eve Soon, thanks to the wonders of hair dye and tight jeans, Alice looks really young, as one night in a Manhattan bar confirms At midnight, she kisses a boy who was in diapers when she was in high school.She s having too much fun to care The white lie Alice tells Josh gets her thinking that if no one asks her age, she doesn t have to tell So she applies for a job she had briefly before becoming a full time mom and gets it Meanwhile, Josh is falling head over heels for Alice, who s just way cooler than girls his age He figures she s about twenty nine and for the first time since she was twenty nine, or possibly ever, Alice feels that life is ripe with possibility Unfortunately one possibility is that she s gonna get caught.Challenging the adage that the truth will set you free, Younger is a hilarious and insightful story that proves that you re only as young as you feel.

10 thoughts on “Younger

  1. Robin (Bridge Four) Robin (Bridge Four) says:

    Review of Book in comparison to the TV Series.My husband and I watched the TV series Younger this year and loved it It was a lot of fun to see how someone around our age would adapt to the 20 something scene So when Younger was the daily deal on Audible I had to pick it up.First it is clear the TV show is based on this book but has definitely been expande

  2. Liza Miller Liza Miller says:

    The biggest knock I kept hearing on Pamela Redmond Satran s Younger is that no one would ever believe it if a 40 something woman pretended to be in her 20s The feminist in me wants to scream, Would you ask that question about a book about a MAN but I saved my vocal cords the strain because of course you wouldn t Nobody gives a shit how old a man is unless they

  3. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    Often I watch a tv show or movie and read the book if it is based on one Of course usually the book is much better than the show or movie But not this time I really like the show but this book fell short for me.

  4. KathyAnne KathyAnne says:

    3.5 rating This is one of those books that I dove into without really knowing what to expect and also with a bit of hesitation because I am not easy to please when it comes to Romantic Comedy But, I am a huge fan of books that tug on my emotions and this book did successfully do that There were several scenes where I was definitely reaching for the Kleenex because it ki

  5. Mine Mine says:

    Tv show is much better than book.

  6. Katrina Marie Katrina Marie says:

    Review Younger Younger is about a woman who is in her forties and wants to be younger I m 30, but this book definitely hit home for me.Alice wants to be able to get back into the publishing workforce She kept trying and they shot her down After her makeover she actually starts getting some attention from employers and guys I think the Satran did an amazing job of showing how age

  7. Hristina Hristina says:

    This was a fun read that served well as a destruction during these last two earthquak y days I really can t say about it at the moment, maybe after the earth calms down.

  8. Kim Friant Kim Friant says:

    The only reason I m giving it 3 stars is because it held my attention The whole time I kept thinking that is was nothing but a knock off of devil wears Prada The drama and immaturity of most of the characters was just annoying, especially Diana the daughter If I had a 23 year old who acted like that and spoke to me in that way, she s be on her butt out on the street in a second Definitely

  9. Alexis Alexis says:

    Okay, I like the TV show 10x better There are so many differences in the twomostly the absence of Charles.

  10. Victoria Colotta Victoria Colotta says:

    There is nothing that I love to do than to read a book before I see it in the movies or on TV For some reason, it the one rule in my life that I actually never break Let s face it It is sort of the age old debate, but instead of the chicken or the egg, we are asking which is better the book or the movie show So with this in mind, I started Younger by Pamela Redmond Satran.The premise of the book is

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