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[PDF] ❤ Second Thyme Around ✮ Katie Fforde – Plummovies.info When Phillida Dylan, 28, Delivers Baby Vegetables To One Of Her Regular Clients And Finds That Her Ex Husband, Lucas, Has Become The Chef, She Is Horrified So When She Learns He Is To Become The Latest Celebrity Chef And Needs Her Picturesque Cottage, And Her, In Supporting Roles Life Is Further Complicated When Kitty, Her 87 Year Old Friend, Has A Stroke Can She Cope Maybe Kitty Is Right When She Says, You Can T Cuddle Lettuces.

10 thoughts on “Second Thyme Around

  1. Dorian Dorian says:

    I picked this book up somewhat at random in the library, and I m very glad I didn t spend any money on it It was a most disappointing piece of work.Perdita and Lucas were married, briefly and disastrously, some 10 years befor

  2. Ilona Ilona says:

    A light, easy read, but not up to Katie Fforde s usual standards of good sense The plot skipped along nicely, and I very much enjoyed the depiction of the relationship between the protagonist, Perdita, and her elderly friend and forme

  3. Carol Carol says:

    I m happy that no one says bad things come in fours because I ve already had three and hope it is the last for a while In the last 4 months, my dog died, then my Mother died, then my car died I really wanted to read as a distraction, but could

  4. Katie Katie says:

    I really liked this, though you should be aware that this book deals with the illness view spoiler and eventual death hide spoiler

  5. bookczuk bookczuk says:

    When I drive, I like to listen to NPR radio or audio books that I don t have to think too much about You know the ones that I won t want to go back and savor the words, re reading a particular passage to marvel at how it was crafted or what it said I usually pi

  6. Mulva? Mulva? says:

    I like it a lot, but don t understand what the auther has with angry men This is the second book I ve read of Fforde and agan, a man that s hot, super sexy and always fighting What s the deal Oh I keep going back for ah I get it now Duh.

  7. Mariella Deliyannis Mariella Deliyannis says:

    What a dispoointment this book was I am not a fan of chick lit apart from very few authors and Katie Fforde is the foremost She always made me feel good and till now, I closed her books with a smile on my face, they were the equivalent of the grownup s fairytale But in this book

  8. Tali Tali says:

    Wasn t expecting especially much from this Katie Fforde Generally I enjoy reading her books while they re in my hands, but then they fly completely out of my head the second I put them down Thyme Out, though, I really enjoyed and I think I ll think about for a lot longer Sure, there s th

  9. MB (What she read) MB (What she read) says:

    This is my favorite Katie Fforde book and one of my all time favorite romance novels I re read it when I need to cheer myself up with a happy ending.

  10. Ciara Ciara says:

    i should change my crummy chick lit tag, because i don t actually find chick lit to be crummy across the board i actually really enjoy it when i am in need of something fun frothy between the heavier doses of non fiction to which i subject myself this particular dose of chick lit, however, wasn t particul

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