Apollo 20. the Disclosure Epub Û Apollo 20. Epub /

Apollo 20. the Disclosure Epub Û Apollo 20.  Epub / Since April , a whistleblower by the name of retiredafb has been shocking the general public with its disclosure footages and comments posted on YouTube and Revver He claims to be William Rutledge, and the ApolloCommander for the USAF AugustLuca Scantamburlo ex journalist has interviewed him and another YouTube user moonwalkerdelta who claims to be a former NASA astronaut, and the ApolloCommander FebruaryDid these presumed secret joint US USSR space missions take place indeed The targets would have been some lunar anomalies, on the far side of the Moon The opinion of the Author is this amazing story contains some kernels of truth, behind the controversial strategy of disclosure video fakes and misleading data are present In the book there are the reasons for his opinion, the chronology of his research with his Web articles already published , the interviews with the two alleged Commanders, and some revelations never published before

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